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Study Rooms

Friday, November 20th, 2015

Need a secluded place to hit the books before that big exam? How about tweaking an upcoming presentation before showing it to a live audience? Perhaps you have a weekly tutoring session which requires some private space? All of these tasks and more can be accomplished in the study rooms housed at many KDL branches!

Studying at the Kentwood Library Besides our welcoming large spaces, where we shelve the collection and offer circulation and reference services, 15 of KDL’s 18 branches also offer some sort of study rooms or quiet reading areas. These free rooms are excellent places for individuals or small groups to accomplish whatever it is that needs doing. One patron even commented that “studying and writing in coffee shops can be distracting and costly. I have loved using the private study rooms available at … KDL because they are free, secure, and quiet.”

So feel free to stop in, talk to one of our staff members, get a room and get busy!

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Grand River, Great Reads!

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

The namesake of our area, the Grand River, has been getting a lot of attention lately. Many groups and coalitions are in the midst of a planning process to restore the river to its original habitat and to rejuvenate the public areas surrounding it. This is an effort that affects more than just downtown GR, as these are spaces visited by people from the whole county and beyond. KDL residents interested in the Grand River might find the following books valuable:

Our Grand Journey by Jeff Alexander and Howard Meyerson

A contemporary paddle excursion along the whole length of the Grand River exploring its nature, people and communities.



The Grand (Rivers of Michigan Series) by Kit Lane

A look at the Grand River and how it’s been used throughout history, from Native Americans to modern kayakers.




The Story of Grand River by C. Donald Chrysler

A brief history of Michigan’s longest river published in celebration of the nation’s bicentennial.






And for those who simply love river stories of any kind, there are a number of classic great reads which feature a river as their focal point, so find a comfy seat and enjoy the cruise!

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain.

Classic Twain… join Huck and Jim as they escape down the Mississippi River.




The African Queen by C.S. Forester

C.S. Forester’s tale of adventure up the Ulanga River, made more famous by Bogart and Hepburn.




Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie

Hercule Poirot, Agatha Christie’s classic detective, investigates not one, but two murders while sailing down the Nile.



Undaunted Courage by Stephen Ambrose.

Award winning historian Stephen Ambrose relays the story of the Lewis and Clark expedition, a non-fiction account that reads like fiction.




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Rock & Roll Fans, Listen Before You Vote

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Instead of just listening, music fans currently have a chance to be heard themselves. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame recently announced its list of Nominees for 2014 and is asking the public to vote for up to 5 of the nominees. KDL is a good source to explore the music of this year’s nominees! Here are just a few examples:

Linda Ronstadt, who recently opened up about having Parkinson’s Disease as well as publishing her memoir Simple Dreams, has been nominated.

LL Cool J has also been nominated. He has stayed active since his first release in 1985, putting out Authentic just this year.

Nirvana has been nominated in their first year of eligibility, 25 years after their first release. However, it was Nevermind that really opened the way for them and other indie artists.

And don’t forget about Freegal and the chance to download tracks, such as the classic “Rumble” from nominee Link Wray. It was this guitar instrumental that inspired many guitar greats who followed.

So explore, listen and enjoy the music before you vote!


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They’re Quick, They’re Easy… They’re Magazines

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

December can be a busy time, so perhaps you might like to have something light on hand to read… something like magazines!

KDL branches offer magazines on every imaginable topic, and back issues can be checked out just like books.  For instance, do you like music?  Then maybe you’d like to come pick up an issue of Rolling Stone or M Music & Musicians.  Want to keep up on current events?  Grab a copy of The Week, or perhaps The Economist if you want something a little more in-depth.  And if you like to read your magazines digitally, don’t forget about Zinio, an online magazine service available to KDL cardholders.

No matter your interest, come in and browse, you’re sure to find something.  And some magazines, such as Cooking Light, Real Simple or Crafts ‘n Things, might even come in handy for the upcoming holiday season.



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