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Thursday, May 29th, 2008

Popular author Anne Rice, well known for her vampire book series, has chosen to change her style of writing. As her husband’s accepting Christ, and eventual death, made her long for more, she began to study theology. With further intense research, Anne has chosen to write a series reflecting Jesus’s life, called “Christ the Lord.” An informative epilogue is found at the end of her first book that gives greater detail about her conversion!

Her first book, Out of Egypt, focuses on Jesus as a young child living in Egypt with his family. He recognizes that he is different from others, but doesn’t have a full concept of why. Throughout the book, references are made by his uncle and mother that lead him to closer understanding. Eventually, he accepts that he is alive for something greater.

In the second book, The Road to Cana, Jesus is now an adult. He is envied and questioned by many around him for being “different.” As a man, he is still questioning his destiny, until he is finally in contact with John the Baptist. As he is baptized, he becomes more fully aware of himself.

These books do a realistic job of protraying Jesus as a man, and yet follow Scripture closely. It is an interesting read into the life and times of the Jewish people that Jesus was a part of.

There is promise of a third book in this series, and we look forward to having it at KDL as it becomes available.

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Southern Classics to Enjoy Once More

Wednesday, April 16th, 2008

                                                                     Gone with the Wind    

 One of the first classics I truly enjoyed was the epic “Gone with the Wind“, by Margaret Mitchell. I can still remember huddling down in the comfort of my bed as I read vividly through the years of Scarlett’s life, the turmoil of the war, and the tragic love affair that always needed one more day for Scarlett to truly love Rhett.

                                                                                      Rhett Butler's People

 Finally, a book has arrived to give the reader a taste of Southern charm like only Rhett Butler can offer. In Rhett Butler’s People, by Donald McCaig, Rhett first comes to us as a young southern man ready to defend his honor. In this story Rhett is shown to us in many ways as a champion for the less fortunate, and a passion for integrity that is overshadowed by appearances. Letting society believe that he was a scoundrel was easier for him to protect his heart from the southern tragedies that surrounded him from his country, his family, and most of all, the intriguing Scarlett. Written as an outsider to “Gone with the Wind”, the reader has another viewpoint with further information that enhances our vision of the classic tale. It is well worth the time to visit Rhett once more!

                               The Widow of the South           

Another intriguing civil war story is “The Widow of the South” by Robert Hicks. This story takes place in Tennessee, and is based on the true character of Carrie McGovern. She takes it upon herself to insure that fallen soldiers are buried properly, as well as maintaining  the cemetary through the years. Though the book is fiction, with a love story and villians mixed in, the reader will enjoy the true story references.

And finally for those interested in further civil war stories, you may click here.

Do you have a favorite southern classic to share ?

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“Before Green Gables” by Budge Wilson

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

Once again the little orphan, Anne Shirley, captures the heart of the reader with an immensely heartwarming prequel. In this story we are introduced to Anne’s parents, and the families that became a part of the quaint child’s life at the age of 3 months. Through her tragedies, heartbreak and intrigue of learning, Anne captivates the reader, with laughter and tears. This is truly a prequel worth visiting! Of course, after reading this book, you might want to revisit the whole Anne series again, which can be put on hold from here for your convenience.

If you happen to have any further interest in Anne’s beloved Prince Edward Island, further information on the history is available here.

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It is time for chocolate!

Thursday, February 28th, 2008

A box of chocolate holds many secrets to who you are. Did you know that your favorite shape, ideal filling, and how you handle a wrapper will reveal personality traits? If this sounds enticing, read Chocolate Therapy to get a taste of the real you! For further chocolate enjoyment, try Dark Tort by Diane Mott Davidson, or the chocolate mystery series by Joanna Carl. And for those who enjoy good movies on these chilly nights, Chocolat is available from our movie selections.

Now that your senses are reeling from the thought of chocolate, let me ask you, “So what is your favorite way to enjoy chocolate?”

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Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

Have you made a New Year’s resloution to get fit, but have already lost interest?

Well then, I have a great work out to share with you! The Biggest Loser Workout Season 2 is available from KDL now, and it is AWESOME!

This workout features trainers from the TV Biggest Loser series, Bob and Amy, and allows a person to customize their own workout. With this DVD you will have the choice to do strength training, high and low cardio workouts, as well as customized men and women workouts. It is so easy to use, and a great workout. Check it out now and get moving!! 

To go along with the workout DVD, the KDL libraries also have The Biggest Loser Cookbook, calorie counters, and The Biggest Loser Weight loss program. Be sure to check these, and other great cooking and fitness books out soon so you can make your New Year’s resolution a reality this year!

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