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‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Readalikes

Friday, February 13th, 2015

Did you love Fifty Shades of Grey? Dying to see the movie? Check out this list of Fifty Shades of Grey readalikes to keep you satiated. And remember that many of these books are available in a digital format for your eReader or tablet!

Because You Are Mine: A Because You Are Mine Novel       The Submissive: The Submissive Series      This Man

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The Library Isn’t Open! What Do I Do?

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Have you ever wished you had a good book or magazine to read, a movie to watch or music to listen to, but the library is closed? Great news: KDL’s electronic library is open 24/7!

Here’s what you can get when the library’s doors are locked:

eBooks and eAudiobooks: KDL has over 20,000 eBook titles and over 7,000 eAudiobook titles in formats that work with Kindles, Nooks, tablets and other digital devices. Most books can even be read directly from your computer. The eBook library is here, and directions can be found here.

Movies: KDL offers free feature movies for all ages, documentaries, exercise videos, foreign films and TV shows on Hoopla. All are available for checkout to watch on your home computer, or on the Hoopla app on your tablet or smartphone. More information can be found here, or watch this helpful video.

Music: Did you know that you can download and keep three free songs every week by using Freegal? All kinds of music is available, from rock & country to classical & folk. All you need is your KDL library card! Directions can be found here.

Magazines: Read current and past issues of popular magazines on your tablet, smartphone or computer with Zinio. Follow the directions to register, then download as many magazines as you want. Directions can be found here.

Have fun exploring these wonderful resources available with your Kent District Library card. Stop in at a KDL branch (while we’re open) for help and directions, or submit a help request here. You can also call during library hours.


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Memorial Day Suggested Reading

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

Memorial Day is observed each year to remember the men and women who died while serving in the armed forces. KDL has prepared a list of recent books, both nonfiction and fiction, that have to do with the impact of war on those who served, and on their loved ones whose lives have been changed by separation and loss. Check out the list here.

Fearless         Wake          Bringing Mulligan Home          A Star For Mrs. Blake

Other lists of recommended reading having to do with wars are also available. Check out the booklists for American Wars of Manifest Destiny, World War I and World War II. Many books are also available for downloading to your eReader or tablet by visiting, and doing a search for an individual book or a keyword search for “war” or “soldiers.”

In honor of Memorial Day, Kent District Library will be closed on Monday, May 26.


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Grab a Holiday eBook!

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

It’s the time of year for reading a quick, feel-good holiday book. Many branches of Kent District Library will have special displays of holiday books, movies & music. But you can download an eBook from home as well! To enjoy an eBook right away (no waiting) go to KDL’s eBook site, then 1.) type in your search term (such as Christmas, Holiday, or Hanukkah) and hit Enter, 2.) change “My Library’s Collection” to “Only Titles With Copies Available,” and 3.) filter search by “eBook.” Now you have ebooks to borrow & download (or read in your browser) immediately!

ebook limiters

And did you know that you can watch holiday movies on your computer through our eMovie service hoopla? You can also download 3 free songs per week through Freegal, and they’re yours to keep. (Try searching in Genres for “Christmas” or “Holiday.”)

If you run stuck and need help with these downloads, you’ll find information here.

Holidays on IceGlad TidingsA Darcy Christmas


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November 22, 1963: Kennedy, Lewis & Huxley

Friday, November 22nd, 2013

It’s hard to forget that this year is the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. But did you know that two great thinkers and authors died on the exact same day? C.S. Lewis is perhaps best known as the author of the Chronicles of Narnia, but he was a prolific writer and apologist for the Christian faith, and perhaps is the most influential Christian writer of the 20th century. His other writings include Mere Christianity and The Screwtape Letters. Aldous Huxley is best known for his novel Brave New World, which is considered to be one of the most important books of the 20th century. Any lover of dystopian fiction will want to add this book to their must-read list. Huxley was also a prominent philosopher, essayist, and poet. You’ll find books & movies by and about these authors at your local branch or in our eBook collection at

WH/HO Portrait     CS Lewis-1     huxley









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Return Your eBooks Early?

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

eReadersDo you ever wonder how to return an eBook before its due date? Perhaps you just don’t have time to read it now, or you want to allow the next person to be able to read it. Fortunately, there are simple steps to return most eBooks early! Find directions here, and see directions for some of the most common devices below:

Kindle/Kindle App:

  1. Sign into “Manage Your Kindle” account here.
  2. Select the Actions button next to the eBook you want to return.
  3. Click Return This Book.
  4. Click Yes to verify that you want to return the eBook.
  5. If you also wish to delete the eBook from your Kindle Library list, select the Actions button again and click Delete from Library.


  1. Connect your reader to your computer. Open Adobe Digital Editions.
  2. Select Library (in the upper left corner). The Adobe Digital Editions library is displayed.
  3. Right-click (control-click for Mac) on the title you’d like to return.
  4. Click Return Borrowed Item.
  5. Click Return to verify that you want to return the eBook.

Tablet App:

  1. From the bookshelf, tap the + button next to the title you want to return.
  2. Tap Return / Delete to display the return options.
  3. Tap Return then Delete to return the title back to the library.
    (Selecting Delete only will delete the title from your device, but you will still have it checked out.)

MP3 eAudiobook:

  1. Follow directions here. (Returns of eAudiobooks are currently available for MP3-formatted titles only. WMA eAudiobooks cannot be returned before the lending period is up.)

Thanks for checking out eBooks from! Please contact us if you have any questions about downloading KDL eBooks.


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Best Websites 2013

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

Many of us tend to visit the same websites every day: email, Facebook, the news, KDL :-), etc. But sometimes it’s nice to see what else is out there in cyber-land, especially when the sites come recommended. Time Magazine publishes an annual list of Best Websites, and the 2013 update came out recently.

Not quite sure you want to use Google Drive for your documents? Try Microsoft’s Office Web Apps. Looking for a free photo editing service? Give Pixlr a try. Curious about just about everything? Try the web version of the magazine Mental Floss. (Several KDL branches carry the print version of this magazine, and KDL cardholders can also access the full magazine through Zinio!) And finally, do you sometimes wonder if you’ve allowed certain social media and other websites to know too much about you? Try MyPermissions to find out just how much you’ve shared.

These are just a few of many fun and useful sites to explore. Have fun poking through the list!

Mental Floss       mypermissions       Pixlr_editor






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Booklists! We’ve Got Booklists!

Sunday, May 19th, 2013

Are you ever at a loss for something good to read? Let KDL help you find something great!

First, when you visit a KDL branch, you’ll find ever-changing book displays throughout the building. You’ll also find printed booklists on many topics and for all age levels that you’re welcome to take. Summer Reading @ KDL booklists will be available starting June 1.

Second, did you know that you can look online to find these same booklists, as well as many more? You can even reserve books, music, & movies directly from the online lists.

And third, try KDL Personalized Picks! KDL cardholders can receive personal suggestion lists created by KDL librarians. Fill out this form with your request, and you’ll hear back soon by email.

KDL wants to help you find something great to read, view, or listen to. We hope these suggestions help you to find just the right thing. (And don’t forget that we have thousands of eBooks and eAudio Books available at!)

Fantasy_4-5_Grade WWI_NonFic_2013 Christy Awards 2012 Best new teen books summer 2013













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Thinking About Buying an eReader?

Monday, August 20th, 2012

Are you thinking about buying an eReader for yourself, or to give to someone as a gift? Kent District Library offers thousands of eBooks to borrow for Kindles, Nooks, iPads or other eReaders! We also have trained staff at each branch who will be happy to help you think through the pros and cons of various formats, and to help you get started using your device. You can look at a copy of Consumer Reports at your local KDL branch to read reviews of eReaders, or you may access Consumer Reports in our online databases. We also have a helpful chart that compares popular eReaders.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while considering whether or not to buy an eReader:

  • If you want to use your eReader to browse the Internet, store pictures, etc., you might want to consider the color eReaders on this chart. If you simply want to use your eReader for reading books or other print materials, and long battery life and light weight are a priority, you might want to consider the “e-ink” devices on the other side of the chart.
  • Many eReaders require access to a personal (not a library) computer to transfer library eBooks to an eReader with a USB cord. This is true of those that use the Adobe EPUB format (such as a Nook or a Sony), and occasionally for certain Kindle-formated eBooks. KDL offers free wi-fi, so you’re welcome to bring in your laptop computer to check out and transfer eBooks to your eReader.
  • To borrow a library eBook for a Kindle, you’ll need to access your Amazon Kindle account, so either a library or a personal computer is usually needed.
  • eBooks from the library can be read without a dedicated eReader on your personal computer or smartphone using free Adobe Digital Editions software or the free OverDrive app!
  • Your KDL Library Card is needed to check out eBooks for your eReader or computer.

KDL is excited to be able to offer thousands of eBooks and eAudiobooks for you to borrow and enjoy. Our collection is growing every week, so stop in and talk with us if you’re thinking about buying an eReader this year!



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Techie Help at Your Fingertips

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Have you ever wished you could have a “techie” person at your side when you wonder how to make something work on your computer?

There’s a terrific site called Teach Parents Tech that features short videos of tech-savvy young adults explaining all sorts of things, such as How to Change Your Default Home Page, or How to Attach a File to an Email, or How to Share Photos. Brought to you by Google, the site is fun, informative and truly helpful, even for the person who already knows his or her way around a computer fairly well.

It even has a feature that allows someone to send a “tech support care package” email to a person who needs help in specific areas, linking videos that will address that topic!



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