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Find the Perfect Read!

Monday, December 21st, 2015

lexileOne of KDL’s top priorities is creating young readers, so we love helping kids pick the perfect title to fit their reading needs. Whether your child is reading well beyond grade level, or just discovering all the joys reading has to offer, we offer many resources to guide you in your quest for the perfect book.

From highly trained youth staff, to eye-catching displays, and colorful booklists, we work to provide personal service and recommendations within the branch. We also provide digital booklists under Recommended Reading. And our new KDL Catalog includes many tools to help you no matter where you are!

Book records now include Lexile and Accelerated Reader(AR) levels for most of our youth materials. Both Lexile and AR levels are educational tools used by teachers to make sure children are identifying books that fit their reading abilities. To see the Level for any title, simply click on the title and view the record. AR and Lexile scores will be listed in Program Information. You can search for books at specific reading levels to help your child stay on track and satisfy teacher requirements for reading.


Explore our many children’s materials and get to know our new catalog. Find the perfect resources to help your child become a successful reader at KDL!

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No Heroes without Her

Friday, June 26th, 2015

It’s time we start redefining the word hero. With our summer theme of celebrating heroes, the ideas abound for superhero-themed book lists, displays and activities, but it’s no secret that the superhero world has long been male-dominated. Young girls want hero stories that reflect their world and experiences as well; they’re wrongly assuming that when we say we’re celebrating heroes we mean only the stereotypical men in masks and capes.

When we celebrate heroes, we mean ALL heroes! The world is full of heroic women who have changed the world. Celebrate heroes with your girls this summer by checking out true stories of women heroes who have changed the world. After all, you can’t have a “hero” without “her”!

Untamed : the wild life of Jane Goodall / Anita Silvey ; foreword by Jane Goodall.

Untamed: the Wild Life of Jane Goodall

by Anita Silvey



Mermaid Queen : the spectacular true story of  Annette Kellerman, who swam her way to fame, fortune, & swimsuit history! / by Shana Corey ; illustrated by Edwin Fotheringham.

Mermaid Queen: the spectacular true story of Annette Kellerman, who swam her way to fame, fortune, & swimsuit history!

by Shana Corey



Little Melba and her big trombone / by Katheryn Russell-Brown ; illustrations by Frank Morrison.Little Melba and Her Big Trombone

by Katheryn Russell-Brown



Mary Walker wears the pants : the true story of the doctor, reformer, and Civil War hero / Cheryl Harness ; illustrated by Carlo Molinari. Mary Walker Wears the Pants: the true story of the doctor, reformer, and Civil War hero.

by Cheryl Harness




Vision of beauty : the story of Sarah Breedlove Walker / Kathryn Lasky ; illustrated by Nneka Bennett.

Vision of Beauty : the story of Sarah Breedlove Walker

by Kathryn Lasky




For more great reads about great women heroes, check out A Mighty Girl’s book lists at


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Local Indie Spotlight: Anne Brandt

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

The Square Root of SomeoneThe Square Root of Someone by Anne Brandt


This collection of biographical essays is an insightful window into Brandt’s views on living, friendships, family relationships and getting older. Her tone is insightful and low-key, yet her words paint intimate images of what it’s like to view the world through her eyes. Those that enjoy Tom Rademacher’s column or collection of essays, Splitting Wood, will like Brandt’s no-nonsense way of conveying her memories.  The Square Root of Someone is a quick and entertaining read.

From her website,

“Anne Brandt has been in love with creative writing since second grade when her four-line poem about cats appeared in a school journal. Today her writing includes personal essays, short stories, children’s stories, and one mainstream novel. She still writes poems too.

Brandt’s work has appeared in a variety of the publications. For example, her essay about meeting her biological father for the first time in 45 years was a cover story for the Chicago Tribune Magazine. Her essay about getting a tattoo in honor of her fiftieth birthday appeared in Senior magazine. Other work has appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times, the Daily Herald, and the Denver Post. A collection of her essays was published under the title The Square Root of Someone.

Brandt has also written for clients in both the corporate and nonprofit worlds, and her writing of annual reports, newsletters, and speeches has won several awards. She makes her home in St. Joseph, Michigan.”

Anne Brandt’s book is part of the Local Indie @ KDL collection, housed at the Cascade Township and Kentwood (Richard L. Root) branches. It was created to give independent authors, filmmakers and musicians the opportunity to be added to our shelves and to be featured by staff in order to increase viewers, readers and listeners.

Click here to browse our Local Indie @ KDL collection.


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Whovian Reads for Teens

Thursday, June 12th, 2014

Doctor Who fans — need to escape this summer? Feed your need for travel and adventure by exploring new worlds within the pages of these excellent readalikes, or check out our “If You Like Doctor Who” book list for more great titles.

Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Fifteen-year-old Claire Ryan has always felt invisible, always lived beyond people’s notice, which causes trouble when she instantly connects with seventeen-year-old Nix, who really can become invisible and has been sent to assassinate her.


Michael Grant
BZRK Series
In the near future, the conjoined Armstrong twins, under the guise of the Armstrong Fancy Gifts Corporation, plot to create their own version of utopia using nanobots, while a guerrilla group known as BZRK develops a DNA-based bot that can stop the others, but at risk of the host’s brain.


Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar ChildrenMiss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children
Ransom Riggs
Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children Series
After a family tragedy, Jacob feels compelled to explore an abandoned orphanage on an island off the coast of Wales, discovering disturbing facts about the children who were kept there.


Robison Wells
Variant Series
After years in foster homes, seventeen-year-old Benson Fisher applies to New Mexico’s Maxfield Academy in hopes of securing a brighter future, but instead he finds that the school is a prison and no one is what he or she seems.


Of course a favorite Whovian pastime is creating fan art and fan fiction.  The exhilaration of adventures in space, time and a blue police box open the imagination to endless possibilities.  What’s the most interesting way you’ve celebrated the Doctor’s adventures?

Share your ideas with us at our Experience Summer Online: Be Creative blog.


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Hands Free Summer Reading

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

For some, summer means relaxing – a little down time to read a good book and enjoy a little “me” time.  But if you’re a busy parent, you may wonder where all that down time goes.  Between running kids to summer sports, camps and play dates, how can you possibly find time to read a “grown up” book, let alone remember to have your kids read, or sit down and read with them?

Find the answers at KDL!  Audiobooks can remove the hassle of finding time to sit down and read.  Going on a road trip?  Find a great family book from our list of Great Audiobooks for the Whole Family and listen together in the car. For added benefit, check out the book version of the title for your child to read along with the audio version.  These are also great titles to listen to in the morning as everyone gets ready to start another busy day.

Mowing the lawn or working in the garden?  Listen to one of these great audio titles in our Playaway format.  Just add a battery and headphones and your hands are free to handle those everyday tasks, while your head escapes into your favorite novel via the pocket-sized MP3 device. 

And don’t forget to check out our Experience Summer page for more great ways to stay involved with Summer Reading @ KDL while on the move this summer!

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