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Seed Saving and KDL

Friday, October 31st, 2014

Are you are gardener who saves seeds, or just interested in learning more?  Did you know that KDL has its own Seed Library of heirloom seeds? Drop by any of our 13 participating locations to learn more about borrowing and donating seeds to the KDL Seed Library.  Or, check out these books on saving seeds!

KDL Recommends Seed Saving


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Don’t Forget to Submit Your Story!

Thursday, October 30th, 2014


The deadline for submitting an entry to the third annual Write Michigan Short Story Contest is November 30… so get writing! Opportunities like this don’t come around every day, so don’t miss out on this chance to get published and win money! With categories for youth, teens and adults, the entire family can participate.

See www.writemichigan.org for complete details.


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Picture Book Biographies

Tuesday, October 28th, 2014

I can’t think of a better way to learn about history and people of interest! Load up on fun facts about artists, inventors and other amazing people with our Picture Book Biographies booklist.


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Whooo Loves Books?

Saturday, October 25th, 2014

Bulletin Board


Reading is a hoot when you come to Tyrone Township Branch and check out our favorite owl-inspired books.
We enjoyed:


I’m Not Cute by Jonathan Allen,
a book about a cute owl who just wants to be big and strong.

I'm Not Cute By Jonathan Allen


Wow! Said the Owl by Tim Hopgood,
a bright book that explores the word of colors.

Wow! Said the Owl by Tim Hopgood


Owl Moon by Jan Yolen,
a book full of beautiful watercolor illustrations about a father and daughter searching for owls in the night.

Owl Moon

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KDL Top Ten — DVDs

Friday, October 24th, 2014

Tell us: What’s the best movie you’ve watched this year? And while you’re here, take a look at this week’s Top Ten! These are ten of the most popular DVDs right now at KDL:

KDL Top Ten DVDs 10-24-2014

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KDL Top Ten — Teen Nonfiction

Friday, October 17th, 2014

View 10 of the most popular Teen Nonfiction titles this month at KDL – click on the link to the Top Ten List!

KDL Top Ten Teen Nonfiction 10-16-2014

Celebrate Teen Read Week, October 12–18!

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Local Indie Spotlight: Anne Brandt

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

The Square Root of SomeoneThe Square Root of Someone by Anne Brandt


This collection of biographical essays is an insightful window into Brandt’s views on living, friendships, family relationships and getting older. Her tone is insightful and low-key, yet her words paint intimate images of what it’s like to view the world through her eyes. Those that enjoy Tom Rademacher’s column or collection of essays, Splitting Wood, will like Brandt’s no-nonsense way of conveying her memories.  The Square Root of Someone is a quick and entertaining read.

From her website, http://annebrandt.com:

“Anne Brandt has been in love with creative writing since second grade when her four-line poem about cats appeared in a school journal. Today her writing includes personal essays, short stories, children’s stories, and one mainstream novel. She still writes poems too.

Brandt’s work has appeared in a variety of the publications. For example, her essay about meeting her biological father for the first time in 45 years was a cover story for the Chicago Tribune Magazine. Her essay about getting a tattoo in honor of her fiftieth birthday appeared in Senior magazine. Other work has appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times, the Daily Herald, and the Denver Post. A collection of her essays was published under the title The Square Root of Someone.

Brandt has also written for clients in both the corporate and nonprofit worlds, and her writing of annual reports, newsletters, and speeches has won several awards. She makes her home in St. Joseph, Michigan.”

Anne Brandt’s book is part of the Local Indie @ KDL collection, housed at the Cascade Township and Kentwood (Richard L. Root) branches. It was created to give independent authors, filmmakers and musicians the opportunity to be added to our shelves and to be featured by staff in order to increase viewers, readers and listeners.

Click here to browse our Local Indie @ KDL collection.


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Spooky Views for the Squeamish

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

ghostbustersOctober is the perfect time to pull out some of your favorite spooky movies and spend quality time cuddled under a warm blanket while the wind chases leaves around the yard.  But some of us have to draw the line at watching movies that make each leaf tap on the window sound like a creepy crawly coming to get us!  So here are a few DVDs that you can enjoy that still are spooky but probably will not keep you up at night!

Ghostbusters – (rated PG) Okay, so this one is listed as a Comedy, but it is the perfect creepy movie that isn’t too much for the squeamish.  Because seriously, that possession bit freaks me out, but I really enjoy the ghost hunting and humor!

warm-bodiesThe Sixth Sense – (rated PG-13)  Haley Joel Osment was such a adorable kid and he played the young boy in this movie to perfection.  But a certain pivotal scene (no spoilers) really sends a shiver down my spine.

Warm Bodies – (rated PG-13) Zombies; yep a sure way to make me stop watching, but really MOST of these zombies are not that bad!  This one really does have some finer points, so if the zombies have turned you off from it, give this one a second chance.

Race to Witch Mountain – (rated PG) Now we are moving on to aliens and lots of car chases.  Really low spooky levels but still a good one for October.

Nightmare-Before-ChristmasThe Nightmare before Christmas – (rated PG) Some of those animated characters are very freaky and overall it has a creepy storyline.  Jack representing Christmas?  That’s enough to give us all shivers!  But it is animated so really no need to hide under the covers.

Dark Shadows – (rated PG-13) Now vampires are another on the “really don’t want to watch” list, but this vampire, played by Johnny Depp, isn’t a typical vampire.  Yes, there are some gross things, but not that much, so grab that popcorn and blanket and watch some movies!


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British Pop Music

Tuesday, October 14th, 2014

It probably is not fair to compare one musical artist to another or to say that they sound like some other artist when they are all trying to have their own style and stand out from the crowd. But with so many artists making music, there is bound to be some overlap and similarities. Since British culture is popular in America right now thanks to Doctor Who, Downton Abbey and Sherlock, I have discovered a few British pop musicians who are trying to branch out into the American market.

While each have their own style, here are a few who either could be mistaken for their American counterparts because they sounds so much alike, or their style of music is so similar you might not notice a difference.

1205-lloyd-split-2If you like Katy Perry…   475c4c2ace7311e3b3430002c9e17aaa_8
Try Cher Lloyd, who released her sophomore album Sorry I’m Late in May 2014.  This new album has seen her grow as an artist when looking back at her 2011 album, Sticks and Stones, which was very poppy with a bit of hip-hop and R&B mixed in. On Sorry I’m Late you might find Lloyd’s song Sirens paying homage to Katy Perry’s Firework. Both share similarities as they begin almost like a ballad and evolve into a catchy chorus. Another stand-out song is Sweet Despair.



KillsTroubleIf you like Lady Gaga
Try Natalia Kills — her sophomore album Trouble has several tracks that will remind you of Lady Gaga, both in the way Natalia sounds and in the style of tracks that are produced. The one track that really stands out is Saturday Night, as Natalia is able to deliver a song that is heavily laced with synthesizers, and a voice that stands out to deliver a memorable electro-pop sound. Along with the song Devils Don’t Fly, you might think this was a Lady Gaga side project.





If you like Miley Cyruslily-sheezus-standard-artwork
Try Lily Allen; her third studio album Sheezus was released in May and picks up where her 2009 album It’s Not Me, It’s You left off. Lily recently opened up for Miley Cyrus on her last tour in the USA. But Lily’s content is sometimes more subtle and cheeky in the delivery. Her song Hard Out Here shines a light on inequality in the music industry, while her song Sheezus makes light of all of the comparisons between some of the big names in music industry like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Lorde and Rihanna (which I have done in this post by trying to draw similarities between different artists, so this post is not Lily Allen-approved).



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The eBook Everyone is Reading!

Monday, October 13th, 2014

Anatomy of a MisfitJoin millions of readers around the world reading one eBook. As part of Overdrive’s Big Library Read program, we are pleased to offer our patrons unlimited access to the eBook Anatomy of a Misfit by Andrea Portes now through October 28. No matter how many KDL patrons are reading or listening to this book, we will have a copy available for you to download — no holds, no waitlists!

In this Mean Girls meets The Perks of Being a Wallflower tale, narrator Anika Dragomir is the third most popular girl at Pound High School. But inside, she knows she’s a freak; she can’t stop thinking about former loner Logan McDonough, who showed up on the first day of tenth grade hotter, bolder, and more mysterious than ever. Logan is fascinating, troubled and off-limits. The Pound High queen bee will make Anika’s life hell if she’s seen with him. So Anika must choose — ignore her feelings and keep her social status? Or follow her heart and risk becoming a pariah. Which will she pick? And what will she think of her choice when an unimaginable tragedy strikes, changing her forever? An absolutely original new voice in YA in a story that will start important conversations — and tear at your heart.

We encourage you to join this global “library book club!” Download the book today!


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