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KDL Top Ten – 11/30/2012

Friday, November 30th, 2012

KDL knows whodunit…

View 10 of the most popular Adult Mystery titles at KDL this month–click on the link to our Top Ten List!

What’s your favorite mystery, suspense novel or thriller?  Please comment below!



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Meet Sled Dogs!

Friday, November 30th, 2012

Welcome to the world of mushing! Tun-Dra Kennels owners will talk about sled dogs, mushing equipment and the Iditarod. Families will even have the opportunity to meet the dogs and watch a mushing demonstration outside (weather permitting)! Don’t forget to bundle up!

Saturday, December 8, 10:30 AM – Plainfield Township branch
Saturday, December 22, 10:30 AM – Alpine Township branch
Saturday, February 2, 10:30 AM – Byron Township branch


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It’s Time for a Prehistoric Party!

Friday, November 30th, 2012

Don’t become extinct! Attend our Dinosaur Romp party taking place at several KDL branches this winter. Kids of all ages will have loads of dino-mite fun during this prehistoric program. They can go on a dinosaur themed scavenger hunt, play a dino memory card game and make some dinosaur crafts!

Tuesday, December 4, 10:30 AM – Wyoming branch
Wednesday, December 5, 10:30 AM – Wyoming branch
Wednesday, January 9, 10:00 AM – Gaines Township branch
Saturday, January 12, 10:30 AM – Alto branch
Tuesday, January 15, 10:00 AM – Cascade Township branch
Wednesday, January 16, 10:00 AM – Cascade Township branch
Tuesday, January 22, 10:30 AM – Sand Lake / Nelson Township branch
Saturday, February 2, 10:00 AM – Krause Memorial branch
Sunday, February 3, 2:00 PM – East Grand Rapids branch
Tuesday, February 26, 6:30 PM – Comstock Park branch


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WHERE @ KDL? Match the Branch, Win a Prize!

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

I’ve got a fun quiz for you. Are you game?

Match each unique feature to the branch it represents. Email your name and answers to by Thursday, December 6. The person with the most correct answers will win a Sony eReader. If there is a tie, we will randomly draw a winner from the top scorers.

A list of all of our branches can be found here. Each branch will be used once.

1.) This branch boasts a three-foot tall, three-dimensional Katie L. (our beloved mascot)

2.) This branch building used to be a fire station

3.) This branch has a beautiful view of the river from its living room area

4.) This branch building was built in 1904 as a grocery store and has a secret roller rink on the second floor

5.) One of the unique features of this branch is a wind turbine with solar panels

6.) This branch has a Children’s Garden, which features a giant checkerboard, raised bed garden, PVC Pipe musical instrument and maze

7.) This branch boasts a lovely outdoor amphitheatre and a demonstration garden

8.) This is the smallest branch both in terms of size (2,000 sq ft) and population served

9.) This branch houses the ArtPrize sculpture “Flights of Learning” in its lobby

10.) Patrons at this branch enjoy seeing what is featured in the display case located right on the corner of the customer service desk

11.) This branch has all of its nonfiction materials — those for kids, teens and adults — interfiled in one area

12.) This branch offers a stunning view of Reeds Lake (Don’t say I didn’t give you any easy ones!)

13.) This branch houses a a subregional Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped, as well as a cafe

14.) This branch building is a reddish brown barn with a prairie garden

15.) Once staff at this branch found a live lobster in the book drop box! (Now don’t go getting any crazy ideas!)

16.) This branch has a  Congressional Medal of Honor from WWII on display

17.) This branch offers a year-round craft/drawing area for kids, as well as an outdoor patio with seating

18.) This branch not only has a train painted on the wall of its program room, but also has a working train layout that circles the room

Go ahead; take a stab at it! You really have nothing to lose!

Note: We have turned off the comments on this blog post so no one can “give away” their answers. Please email with your responses. Thank you.


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Groovin’ with Pete the Cat

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

PeteCat1Don’t miss out on KDL’s grooviest party of the year! Children ages 6 and younger are invited to Groovin’ with Pete the Cat, taking place at many KDL branches this winter. Celebrate our favorite black cat through Pete-inspired crafts, stories and silly songs.

As Pete would say… “It’s all good.”


Monday, December 3, 6:30 PM – Byron Township branch
Tuesday, December 4, 10:30 AM – Sand Lake / Nelson Township branch
Saturday, January 12, 10:00 AM – Krause Memorial branch
Thursday, January 17, 10:30 AM – Englehardt branch
Tuesday, January 29, 10:00 AM – Kentwood branch
Tuesday, January 29, 6:30 PM – Comstock Park branch
Wednesday, January 30, 10:00 AM – Kentwood branch
Monday, February 4, 10:00 AM – Plainfield Township branch
Tuesday, February 19, 10:00 AM – Cascade Township branch
Wednesday, February 20, 10:00 AM – Cascade Township branch
Tuesday, February 26, 10:00 AM – Alpine Township branch
Wednesday, February 27, 7:00 PM – Alpine Township branch
Thursday, February 28, 7:00 PM – Caledonia Township branch


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Xerox Copiers for Sale

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

If you or your business is in need of a Xerox copier, look no further. We are selling several of our used Xerox copiers through an auction on The auction will be live from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM on Thursday, November 29. You can also enter your maximum bid before the auction starts.

To find the online auction listings, visit the Repocast website and enter “Xerox” in the item search box.

Happy Bidding!

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HOW We Recommend Books & Movies Just for You

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Have you seen the Personalized Picks section on our website, where you tell us what you like and we create a list of book, movie and music recommendations just for you?

Oh sure, there are book recommendation websites out there, but their suggestions are generated using a computer algorithm, which means the connection between something you like and what is recommended to you sometimes doesn’t make sense.

At KDL, the picks we generate for you always come from one of us. People. Humans. Sentient beings. Like Marlys Davis, adult services librarian at the Wyoming branch. “It’s personal,” said Marlys, one of a handful of KDL staffers who manage the Personalized Picks section. When you fill out the form, giving information such as authors and books you have enjoyed and genres you like and those you don’t, someone on the Picks team plumbs the deepest recesses of their mind, sometimes with the help of the online reference database NoveList, and delivers to you — usually within 24–72 hours — a list of about a dozen others they think you would enjoy.

Those on the team know each other’s reading, viewing and listening tastes, which means if you like dark, rural American fiction, an action movie buff probably won’t be assigned to come up with your list of recommendations. But if you like, say, mysteries, literary fiction or books about books, someone like Marlys is “all over it,” she said. “It’s a collaborative effort, and it’s very fun to do.”


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Help Us Out, Contact Your Legislator

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

Legislators are currently discussing the business equipment personal property tax (PPT) and ways to replace the funds if it is eliminated. Replacement is critical to maintaining the services Kent County residents rely on. Without replacement of the PPT, services will be reduced or may cease entirely.

We agree the PPT is not a wise tax; why penalize businesses for trying to grow? But the services it funds – municipalities, schools and, of course, libraries – are anything but unwise. These are the entities voters have said again and again are worthy of their tax dollars. These are services that define vibrant communities and convince businesses and people to move in and to stay.

Michigan’s public libraries are not asking for more money; we’re simply asking that we be allowed to continue to provide quality library services that meet the needs of our residents.  Please take a moment and tell your legislators you want a PPT replacement plan, and that you want libraries included.

Thank you for your support!

Lance Werner, director
Kent District Library


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WHAT Cupcakes Have To Do with KDL Board Trustees

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

Myth: To be a board trustee at Kent District Library, your best shot is that you’re a library user, a library advocate and a library “insider.”

Truth: Penny Weller shatters all those myths, and so can you.

When the retired school teacher learned there was an open seat on KDL’s board, she very reluctantly threw her hat into the ring. Penny hadn’t frequented the library since her now-grown kids were in school. She already volunteered at Spectrum Health, for the Lion’s Club and other local organizations. And trouble with her eyesight meant she hadn’t read much at all for the past few years.

But she can bake like nobody’s business.

In the two years Penny has been a KDL Board trustee, she’s provided cupcakes, cookies, sheet cakes and dessert bars for countless events. And not just a couple dozen; we’re talking hundreds for each event. Penny recently whipped up more than 100 cupcakes in four flavors, two pans of lemon bars and a pair of large Texas sheet cakes for KDL’s Volunteer Appreciation event.

Of course, Penny’s duties as a trustee center on what some might call less delicious — but extremely integral — aspects. As one of eight appointed volunteer trustees, she helps create policies and procedures for KDL and its 18 branches; adopts our annual budget and approves expenditures, among other tasks.

“They still talk over my head sometimes, but I continue to learn as much as I can,” she says. “Now, all I do is support the library. They knew they could suck me in.”


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Did You Win the eReader?

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

We posted a challenge a couple weeks ago to match a handful of our branch librarians with their unique hobbies and interests for the chance to win a Sony eReader. The winner: Stacy Grassman!

See the photos below to find out the correct answers. Thanks for playing!

Diane Cutler
Manager, Cascade Township branch

Has logged over 5,000 miles sailing Ontario’s remote North Channel
Jim DeWald
Circulation Manager, Kentwood branch
Tattoo aficionado
Rita Dunn
Youth Specialist, Wyoming branch
Handstand fan
Sandy Graham
Manager, Alto branch
Part owner of the Green Bay Packers
Lori Holland
Manager, Wyoming branch
Yoga practitioner
Helen Kay Kennedy
Manager, Spencer Township branch
Cathy Neis
Manager, Gaines Township branch
Elvis memorabilia collector


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