Mac Geek Monday – Grab Application

If you are running OS X and have never looked in the Applications then Utilities folder, you may be missing out on some great tools.  One excellent tool is called Grab.  This is a very easy to use application for taking a snapshot of your screen or only a portion of the screen.  There are actually four different options available for capturing an image.

After starting up this application, look on the menu bar for the “Capture.”  The first option is for “Selection.”  (This is actually the one my 9-year-old uses the most for saving a picture of the dress-up dolls she likes to play with on the internet.)  Click on Selection and you will be able to click and drag over the portion of the screen you want to capture.  The image is shown in a separate window, click on File – Save As to save the file where you want it and with the name you choose.

The second capture option is “Window.”  This allows you to capture one of the windows currently open on your desktop.  Simply click on the window and you have a great shot to include in a slide show without any cropping needed to remove the rest of the desktop.

The last two options are similar, “Screen” and “Timed Screen.”  These capture the entire screen.  The timed screen gives you a minute before it captures the screen.  There is a sound indicator.

Let us know in the comments if there are any great Mac applications you would like us to cover in future weeks!

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