GET READY: February Fact Sheet

If disaster strikes, would you be ready? The GET READY! Kent County twelve-month citizen preparedness program focuses on a different area of emergency preparedness each month. In February, you are encouraged to prepare for a life without power. This tip sheet includes a list of essential supplies to have when the power goes out, action steps to take in preparation for a power outage and information about what to do during a blackout.

KDL is teaming up with the Kent County Sheriff Department, Health Department and the American Red Cross to make sure you are prepared for an emergency. Remember, when disaster strikes, it is easier to cope when you are prepared!

Written by Katie


Katie is a Communications Assistant and helps spread the word about all the amazing things taking place at KDL. She loves her job so much that she returned to it following a four-year stint as a stay-at-home mom!

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