Do You Need That Receipt?

Help KDL go green! Next time you check out materials from your local KDL branch library, you’ll be able to opt out of printing a receipt.

As part of KDL’s green initiative, and in response to numerous patron requests, we are now offering the option to not print a receipt at all of our self-check machines. If you would like a receipt, please take one. But if you don’t, simply say no.

Thanks for being a part of KDL’s sustainability efforts!

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16 Responses to “Do You Need That Receipt?”

  1. Dawn Lynema Says:

    That’s wonderful! I’ve often thrown out my receipt as I leave the library so I am SO in favor of this move. Thank you!

  2. Kari Says:

    Great! We are totally in favor of this! The only thing I use my receipt for is a bookmark, lol.

  3. Dan Sytsma Says:

    This is a great feature and I have been using it since you placed it on your machines. I find it is just as easy to go on the KDL website and check there when my books are due if I forget. Thanks again, KDL!

  4. Lolla Says:

    Will I be able to request this at my branch that doesn’t have a self-checkout?

  5. Me! Says:


  6. admin Says:

    For Kent District Library branches that don’t have self-checkout machines, you can request that a receipt not be printed. Just keep track of those due dates! 🙂

  7. Matthew Says:

    FINALLY! We track it all online and have never needed an extra bookmark to roll out each time we checked out! THANK YOU!

  8. Victoria Says:

    We track ours online too. We don’t need the receipts, I usually lose them or throw them away. I haven’t seen the option for no receipt yet, but I will look more carefully next time I am there. Awesome move for the environment and it saves money for the library in the long run (use less paper)

  9. Sandi Says:

    I quit printing the receipts, too, because I was either tossing them or leaving them in the books. I get email reminders of when my items are due – that works great.

  10. Joelle Says:

    oh sweet! i’ve been waiting for the day kdl made the switch. when i saw the no receipt button for the first time i was so shocked! even if it makes me a huge nerd for admitting it, it was really exciting. haha.

  11. Jennifer Says:

    Fantastic! Thank you for making this change.

  12. Joni Says:

    This is a great idea to cut down on waste and cost. Thank you for implementing this change!

  13. Michelle Says:

    This is wonderful..Now I won’t have three kids with all of those receipts when they forgot to get a book.

  14. Ceil Says:

    As always, KDL, keeps in step with the times. Since I can check “on line” and get those reminders about due dates, in my in box, I appreciate the No print option. Keep up the great job!! Grand Rapids greatest asset – our Library system.

  15. Cindy Says:

    Awesome, I don’t need a receipt since my email alerts let me know when my books are due anyway. I wish more stores would follow suite and reduce the size of their receipts or omit them all together. I love this kdl site, it is so user friendly!

  16. Kristina Says:

    Great idea!! We LOVE our library!