The Nature of Jade by Deb Caletti

In this new release for teens, author Deb Caletti pairs an anxious 18 year old Jade with a young father, Sebastian.  

With all that life brings at you as a teen, sometimes things get overwhelming. Jade DeLuna suffers from panic attacks and finds that looking at an elephant webcam helps to alleviate her symptoms. But when she starts seeing the guy with the red jacket visit the elephant enclosure with a baby on his back she gets really intrigued.

This leads to her getting a job volunteering at the zoo. Eventually she meets Sebastian and Bo and the rest is history, right? Of course not. Because life is not the simple.

Jade’s family life is falling apart and Sebastian isn’t telling the whole story about his and Bo’s past.

Wonderfully written, The Nature of Jade will score big with teens looking for Sarah Dessen readalikes.

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Written by Morgan D.

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