etsy.gifIf you fall into the category of people who like to either buy or sell crafts, this is the website for you.  Etsy features several different categories of crafts, including arts, woodworking, housewares, children’s clothing, and many, many more.  Also, if you are looking to support your local economy, you can look up local vendors by typing in your location. 

Or if you are a crafty person, you can easily sell your crafts.  You don’t have to be a computer whiz to post your items on Etsy. You do have to be willing to pay 20 cents to list each item for 4 months, and you will pay a 3.5% transaction fee when your item sells. 

There’s even a cool blog listing sale information and even recipes. 

I personally just love looking at all the great, handmade items.  My only warning is that once you start looking you may find you are spending hours on this site.  I only wish I were crafty.

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Written by Liz

Liz is the Branch Manager at KDL’s Caledonia Branch. She’s a huge fan of teen fiction, and loves reading books on her phone.

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