Geek the Library

Geek (verb)
1. To love, to enjoy, to celebrate, to have an intense passion for.
2. To express interest in.
3. To possess a large amount of knowledge in.
4. To promote.

Whatever you geek, public libraries like KDL support it all. Public libraries inspire and empower, and they play an important role for individuals and for communities. Everyone is welcome, and almost anything can be explored. The Kent District Library is no exception! Visit any of our 18 branch locations to explore whatever it is you geek.

Check out the Geek the Library campaign to show your support for public libraries.

And tell us… what do you geek?


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One Response to “Geek the Library”

  1. Bill Creswell Says:

    I G33k captioned movies. Any chance the KDL will do some captioned movie nights?