Help for Downton Abbey Withdrawal!

What is it that makes us love Downton Abbey so much?  Is it because the characters are so easy to love or hate? Is it because it’s fun peeking at the fashions and manners of days gone by, in a world that is gone? Is it because we identify with all the aches and pains of the characters, and their large and small tragedies?  Whatever the reason, I am going through Downton Abbey withdrawal!  Are you?  

If you want to watch Seasons 1 and 2 again, you can reserve the DVDs from the library. Also, check out this booklist for some ideas to get you through until Season 3.  Some of these also have corresponding BBC miniseries that are fun to watch after you read the book. I remember also being obsessed with The Forsyte Saga, and then loving its adaption to film

Which your favorite Downton character? Don’t you have to just love Sybil?  But what about that Lord Grantham!

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