Rally at the Capitol

This Thursday, September 10, librarians and library supporters will rally at the State Capitol in Lansing to voice concerns over proposed cuts to library funding and the dismantling of the Library of Michigan.  We encourage library supporters to let their voice be heard by attending the rally and wearing a red shirt in support of Michigan libraries. The official start time of the rally is 10:00 am. For more detailed event information, please visit this page.

If you are interested in voicing your opinion but can’t make it to the rally, please consider sending a letter to your local legislator. We urge you to let Lansing know how you feel about the proposed changes to library funding.


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3 Responses to “Rally at the Capitol”

  1. AJC Says:

    Sadly, the left wing socialists have destroyed our nation’s education system. Therefore, they probably cannot see a reason to fund libraries for the moronic victims who are unable to read.

  2. JBo Says:

    Library funding is the least of Congress’ concerns right now…jeez.

  3. Lad Says:

    The government including the state of Michigan is pushing education in the media so strongly right now yet they want to shut off or limit the tools that are needed for the education of future generations. I realize that funding is tight, but dismantling a library and cutting more library funds that the future generation needs for their education and future is not the right move. Many people with limited means or the unemployed really need these materials and tools for their education and have no access to them without this valuable funding. If Michigan wants to move ahead and be competitive then it’s vital to keep at least some of the funding available to stay current with the rest of the nation.