BiFolkal Multimedia Discussion Kits

What is a BiFolkal Kit?
It’s a packaged program for groups of people designed to invoke memories of a particular time or place. They provide stimulating activities for older adults or mixed-age groups.

How can I borrow a BiFolkal Kit?
Search the KDL catalog by kit title or the subject “BiFolkal.”

What do the BiFolkal Kits include?
Each kit contains a variety of items to help trigger memories through sight, touch and smell. They also include a program manual, DVD or VHS, 25 large print booklets with songs, poems and conversation starters, and tapes with songs, stories and radio programs.

What types of themes might I find?
You’ll find kits about automobiles, the Depression, music, train rides, the home front and much more!

If you’re interested in learning more about BiFolkal Kits and how to borrow and use them, check out this informational brochure.

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