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As I contemplate the arrival of Easter, I wonder if we are eagerly awaiting the time of renewal, or the amount of Peeps treats in the Easter basket! With that in mind, I began to wonder what it is about Peeps that gets mouths watering. To find some intriguing facts about this sugary treat, check out the book Peeps: A Candy-Coated Tale:


Though “Peeps” is originally thought of as the sugary treat found at Easter time, the word has also developed into several slang terms. In 1994, the term “peeps” became popular through the use of it by song artist and actor Jamie Foxx. He used the phrase “peep this” for someone to check it out, or take a look.  “My peeps” was also a popular phrase in Rapper Nas‘ album Illmatic, where the phrase was used to refer to “my friends.”

As with all friends, we are eager to share our ups and downs with them, as is found in the book Mates, Dates, and Chocolate Cheats. This young adult novel touches on the joys and concerns of teens, as the character is tested in friendship and self esteem.  To top that off, a movie recommendation for the season is The Easter Story Keepers, a movie that can shed light on the story of Easter.

So, however you choose to enjoy the arrival of Easter, be sure to share it with your peeps — either your friends, or the sugary treat!

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Deb is a Library Assistant at the KDL Alto branch. She is an avid athlete, enjoys the outdoors, and spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys the advantage of eBooks on her iPhone because it allows her to read and bike at the same time.

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