Emoticons for beginners – :)

How are you feeling today?  Hopefully more like 🙂 and not like :(. 

If you don’t understand that, you need to tilt the top of your head to the left, and look at these “Emoticons” (emotional icons, in the form of punctuation) sideways:

🙂   Smiley Face

🙁   Frown Face

😉   Wink and a smile

😮  Surprised

In human conversation, it is fairly easy to tell when someone is joking by their tone and body language.  In email, you don’t have that luxury, and it is easy to mis-interpret something as negative or mean-spirited.  Emoticons can help clarify your statements in an informal setting.  This website is a good introduction to emoticons.

Written by Toby


Toby is a reference librarian at the East Grand Rapids branch and he also teaches KDL computer classes. In his free time he enjoys reading and playing guitar.

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