Buying A Computer?

Are you thinking about buying a new computer? There are so many choices! How do you know which advice is the most reliable? Here are some of the best sources of information:

Consumer Reports‘ reviews are unbiased, and are based on both research and repair histories. You can access Consumer Reports free if you have a KDL library card or if you are using a KDL computer! Go to, click on Reference Resources > Research Databases > Magazines > Consumer Reports. Enter your KDL library card number and begin your search by using keywords such as “Computers” or “Laptop Computer.”

Kim Komando, who writes online columns about technology and has a weekly radio show, is also a very good source of advice about what to consider when looking for a computer.

PCWorld magazine can be found in many KDL branches, and has some good articles about what to look for when buying a laptop or a desktop computer.  The monthly magazine is also a good source of information about new software.

And be sure to check out KDL’s excellent selection of books about how to buy, set up, and use your new computer!

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