Early Lit Bits: Book Review — “An Annoying ABC”

An Annoying ABC by Barbara Bottner
It was just one of those days in Miss Mabel’s class. The mayhem begins with Adelaide and continues through the alphabet to Zelda, with each child dealing with frustration in an irritating way. The first letter of each student’s name is highlighted in a bright color and represents a letter of the alphabet, making it easily identifiable as you read with your child. 

Children will delight in spotting the naughty behavior going on in the illustrations; yet will find the resolution, an apology, to be a universal one. Talk about what you and your child do when you’re upset and the best way to deal with those feelings. This is a wonderful book to share one-on-one, allowing your child to look closely at how the students’ actions affect each other. 

Although the text is simple, some phrases may be unfamiliar, such as “Flora fumed” and “Quentin quarreled.” Talk about the new words and their meanings together and sing the ABC’s as you go through Miss Mabel’s class list. Talking and singing are both terrific ways to get your child ready to read!

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