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Window Greenhouse:

Growing a garden is a wonderful way to help children learn about the world around them. Gardening teaches patience, nurturing skills, and even builds vocabulary as children learn the names of different vegetables and plants. Here’s an easy garden craft to make with your child.


  • Seeds (fast growing seeds such alfalfa work best)
  • Sponge (dampened with water)
  • Empty clear salad container

To Make:

  • Sprinkle seeds on damp sponge and place into the clear plastic salad container and place in a sunny window.

To Use:

  • Observe the seeds sprouting and growing.
  • Label the greenhouse with the plant’s name and have your child draw a picture of the plants.
  • As the seeds sprout, talk about the different parts of the plant: the roots, stem and leaves.
  • If your plant is edible, talk about how the plant tastes.

Other Ideas:

  • Consider planting seeds in other fun containers such as old shoes, empty egg cartons, and even empty egg shells.
  • Plant edible herbs and vegetables and encourage your child to taste them.  

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