The Best of the Best Books of 2011

How does a person decide what to read next?

It’s an important question to me.  I’m already 57 years old and there are a lot of great books out there!  About fifteen of them are piled on my dresser right now, as well as one in my car, a couple at work, and a few on my e-reader, downloaded from KDL.  Not to mention the dozens on my “to read” list on  I don’t have a lot of time to waste on characters I don’t like and stories that bore me.  The choice makes me nervous—will it be one of those books that everybody says is wonderful, but I will immediately hate it, like Lonesome Dove?  

Speaking of what everybody says is wonderful, you really must check out the 2011 “All the Best Books Compilation” on Blogging for a Good Book. Librarians from the Williamsburg Regional Library in Virginia recorded “The Best Books of 2011″ lists from 237 different sources (magazines, newspapers, blogs, web sites, award lists, etc.)  They put the books in order by number of mentions each book received.  They claim that the list, in an Excel spreadsheet, “includes various genres and nonfiction subject areas to provide the most balanced look we can possibly give of which books were most loved in 2011.”

Take a look at the list  and let us know what you think of the choices! How many of the 3328 titles have you read?

Best General Fiction


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