Are You a Library Lover?

It’s Library Lovers month at KDL! Celebrate this February with fun events, contests, and more. Tell us why you love your library and enter to win a $25 gift certificate to Schuler Books & Music (Note: Please post your story below or on our My KDL Story page — and remember to provide your email address!). Submit your story by February 28 to be eligible.Join us on February 13th at our Sand Lake/Nelson Twp. branch for a special Heart to Heart Tea and Craft Party. Stop by one of our branch locations and pick up your free “I Love My Library” sticker, featuring Katie L.. And, of course, be sure to check out your favorite romantic movie.

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49 Responses to “Are You a Library Lover?”

  1. Megan Plude Says:

    I love the library because it provides me with the tools I need not only as a student, but as a writer. The library has excellent research material and provides a nice and quiet workplace. I love the wide selection it has too.

  2. Nancy Says:

    I love the library because I can get any book (new release or an older book) as easy as clicking on the website and ordering it to be delivered to my local branch. I rely on the library for 100% of my reading needs. I love the library because I love the feel and texture of books and their pages and will be the final hold-out to ebooks! The library is like an old friend, a favorite pair of jeans, and crock pot full of comfort food.

  3. Jennie Says:

    I agree with Nancy. There is nothing like holding and reading a book. Something about the feel and the actual turning of pages. I for one am all for the library and all the services and resources they offer. Not everything can be found on the internet!!!

  4. Karen Halstedt Says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the library. Ever since I was in 1st grade eons ago I have devoured books by the boatload. Now I am pretty much homebound and I love that I can find interesting books to read from all sorts of sources, click on kdl and voila they have 99% of the things I want. I have them sent to the Krause branch where my husband lovingly makes a trek to pick them up on nearly a weekly basis. Thank you honey and thank you KDL.

  5. Sarah Says:

    I don’t know how I would function without the library! As a homeschool mom, we reserve books each week to use in our next week’s lessons. The ability to search and find what I need online and have it delivered to my home library is such a treat! My kids also love all the many programs available to them- especially the holiday programs. They are always begging for another trip to the library. Thanks KDL!

  6. Abby Says:

    I love the library, not only for the books and other resources, but it is also a place that I can teach my daughter about. I’m able to teach her about all of the wonderful things there, and possibly instill my love of books into her. I love the look on her face when I take her to Storytime.

  7. Darla Says:

    The library is the center of my world of reading. As a retiree I read a LOT. I have been a library member since childhood and have seen its services and programs expand over the years with changing times – to computers and DVD rentals and more. Still at the heart are the books, the wonderful books. Keep up the great work. In skinny economic times you know how to stretch your dollars and mine!

  8. Racquel Says:

    I love the library because, you have the world at your fingertips. I have always loved books, not only because they tell a story but because you can immerse yourself in a world that is completely different from the one you know. You can see things from another advantage point. I read books so fast it would be hard for me to support my addiction by buying books. At the library I can find almost any book I want. I wish more people would step back from their tv’s and enjoy a good book. Books can teach you so much!

  9. edehaan Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and stories. It’s great to hear how the library has had a positive impact on so many lives! Be sure to leave your email address (in the email field) in order to qualify for the gift certificate.

    Keep sharing those stories!

    Eric DeHaan
    KDL Communications Manager

  10. Heather Says:

    I love how even though our family can’t always afford to buy books, we don’t have to sacrifice to have the privilege to read. We could not be more appreciative. The kids beg to visit the library they love it so much. We try to visit as many of the libraries around our house as we can. The kids adore the East Grand Rapids Branch as it is so kid friendly and learning oriented. I love the option to keep track of our books online and to request books be sent to a library closer to our house. I look forward to many more years with my children visiting the libraries.

  11. Amanda Deurloo Says:

    I love my library, because for three reasons. 1 – free books I want to read and I don’t have to buy…. 2 – KDL has a great online system so I can find out books I want to read. 3 – great programs for Adults, kids, teens…. I love the Let it snow reading program going on right now!

  12. Mary Scott Says:

    I love my library because when my high speed internet fails, I can go there to finish any work I need to do in order to keep my job. It is a life-saver!

  13. Marci Woodfield Says:

    I love the library because of their family story times for my 3 year old and the wonderful online system that helps me search for any resource my family needs or would like. We often use the library to try before we buy with books.

  14. Sally Says:

    I can’t imagine a world without libraries. My “first” library was the downtown library in Milwaukee. I moved to Rockford as a grade-school student and my first job was at the Krause branch of KDL. Now, some years later, I work in three different school libraries. I currently use the Krause branch of KDL and love how I can get all sorts of materials from all sorts of locations. My life without the library would be a very different and much sadder one.

  15. Stacia Williams Says:

    I love the library because it is a free way for me to “escape.” For me, there is no better place than a nice, quiet library where I can browse the shelves and get lost in a variety of stories. It is my one-stop-shop for books, information and fun for the whole family! In these harsh economic times, the library is my most economical vacation destination!

  16. Jenna Andrews Says:

    The libray is like a 2nd home to me. I spend every aspect there. I literally check out more then 15 books there, and i’m probably the biggest bookworm on the planet. The KDL is the place to be! It’s so quiet there, and all your troubles go away. When i’m are bored and have nothing to do, i find a comfy spot in the libray with a good book or a magizine, and relax. Most people go to get some quiet so they can do their homework, but i go to check out books, lots and lots of books!!!

  17. Nicole Joyce Says:

    I love the library because it provides me with free entertainment and the opportunity to read, watch or listen to media that I would otherwise not do. I am able to try new recipes by checking out a cookbook, have an enjoyable ride to work by checking out a book on cd, watch the latest (and not so latest) movies on DVD, learn the history of Grand Rapids by checking out a book in the history section, get the latest entertainment gossip by checking out a magazine, even buy a used book at a great price, the options at the library are endless! Friends and co-workers are amazed when I tell them everything I can access at the library “and it’s free?” they ask. The next thing I know, they are telling me of their own finds. The library is such a great place!

  18. Deborah Says:

    Yes, I love the library. Long live KDL!

  19. Ginger Feldman Says:

    For the last 12 years I have enjoyed listening to audiobooks while I drove around and made sales calls. I rediscovered my love of reading then. Often I would have an audiobook going in the car and a hard cover book for working out and evening reading. My kids frequently come to storytime. They LOVE the Library! We often leave with 30 plus books, videos, CDs etc.

    Most recently though I was laid off. I think the library saved my sanity. I requested and read tons of books on the job search, interviewing, resume writing, etc. I escaped into fiction when I needed it most. I came/come to the library everyday since it was a free and entertaining thing I could do with my daughter. We got movies for the whole family to watch. I discovered new authors and music and got to know the staff at cascade. (Miss Jacque and Kip always make great recommendations!!) I know I could not have made it through without the Library. That is why I love the library and will again be a financial supporter when I get back to work. Thank you for all you do!

    PS. I love the Love lean on the Library program, Let it snow, e-books and Tumblebooks programs!!!

  20. karen Says:

    I have loved the library as long as I can remember. Before I was able to read I’d beg to check out books on tape they used to be in these plastic bags and hang in the children’s area. When I got older I’d spend my summers riding my bike to the library and return home to sit under a tree and read all day. At that time (20+ years ago) Comstock Park had a very small library at least half the size it is now and the librarian knew me by name. Today I love not only reading books for fun but also to gain knowledge, when I have a subject I am interested in I love that I can easily get books on that usually I go online and put a hold it so i can easily pick it up. This has proven to be very helpful with thinks like my children’s food allergies. I also love that my children are learning to love books though our trips to the library.

  21. Cynthia Brant Says:

    The library is a wonderful place of new worlds and information. A place where everyone in the family can find something of interest. Whether it is to learn something new or be entertained by music, books. movies or computer media. As a child, exploring the library with the family are some of my fondest memories. As an adult my family has enjoyed audiobooks, informational books, and history books about our home and our lives. I have learned the responsibility of caring for borrowed materials and taught it to my children, as well as appropriate behavior in public places. We have checked out more than just books, we have checked out trips to a state park, audiobooks that held us all spellbound, music that made a difference in college studies, movies and computer programs. The librarians are wonderful people who enhance the experience with their gentle assistance and enthusiasm. I have shared my abundance of books with the library to sell or loan. Can’t think of another place that adds so much to my life and all free. Keep up the good work and thank you!

  22. Carol Waltman Says:

    I have always believed that a library card is the most valuable card in my wallet. A free card that opens the door to a world of Books, DVDs, and Audio. Audio books are the BEST! What a great money saver! And now with eBooks and eAudio books through netlibrary? What could be better? The databases are easy to use. The staff at PFD – you are all gems! Where would I be without the library?

  23. edehaan Says:

    Wow, what a great response so far. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your stories. One thing I’d like to clarify is that Grand Rapids Public Library branches, the Sparta Twp. Library and Cedar Springs Library aren’t a part of our Kent District Library system (somewhat confusing, I know). It’s great to hear stories associated with their libraries but I fear that they might not hear them through this forum — and I’m sure they would love to. We’ll do our best to send the messages on, however.

    Thanks again, and keep those stories coming!

    Eric DeHaan
    KDL Communications Manager

  24. Judy Hardy Says:

    Libararies are the BEST! Ever since I was a little girl, and my dad took me and my sisters to the local library every single Saturday afternoon, I’ve loved going to the library. My kids tease me because every time we’d leave the library with a boatload of books, I’d say, Aren’t libraries GREAT!! My favorite feature these days is ordering books that I hear about from friends or in reviews on hold. Thanks, KDL! (One of my kids caught my bug: he’s currently working on his MLS at Wayne State.)

  25. Amy TenHoor Says:

    I love KDL because I think it’s a great way to open one’s mind. In my English class the other day, we were talking about why one would want to read a fictional story. One reason given was that books are portals to far off places. Libraries give people access to books, and therefore, access to thousands of other people’s stories and they connect the world.

    Another reason I love KDL is because I volunteer there during the summer and I borrow many books there during the school year. I have made friendships with the librarians, some of whom are quite a bit older than me (I’m a teen). Going to the library is a method of reaching out to people, socializing, and having fun while learning something at the same time.

  26. Becky TenHoor Says:

    I love KDL. I read all the large print classic literature I can get because of my bad sight. I can borrow my native language DVD movies to cure my homesickness. I take my daughter to all kinds of kids activities in the library to broaden her world. When she became old enough, I sent her volunteer in the library. I trust librarians enough that my daughter will be safe there and learn something. On my way home from work, I will pick up some books to read as relaxation. When I didn’t have a job anymore, I took job hunting skills classes in the library. Or I just borrow books–reading makes me forget any problems in reality, makes me feel happy. That’s why I love our library so much.

  27. Whitney Says:

    Am I a library lover? Yep!

    I remember going to the Kentwood branch when I was a little kid with my dad — we were a homeschooled brood of 4, and a weekly library trip was something we looked forward to. I was/am a book devourer; as a kid, as a student earning an English degree, and now working on a Graduate degree (in the sciences, not books — alas!). Like Cynthia Brant notes, the library is a great place for all things audio and visual as well, both physical (CD, cassette tapes, DVDs) and in megabyte form (downloadable audio books). Amazing!

  28. pat guzzo Says:

    I appreciate the wide variety of materials–books, movies, etc., the convenience of online ordering/account management; but especially how helpful the librarians are. I often marvel at how I am treated much better there than at many businesses (where customer dissatisfaction decreases profits!). Even though the librarians can’t control policies and practices, they without exception work with me to put things as much in my favor as they can! Thank you Kentwood librarians!

  29. Michael Beres Says:

    A long time ago when I hit third grade, I discovered another world. Beyond the crosswalk manned by upper-class patrol boys, was a small building squashed between the town fire station and water tower. I recall my first approach to the one-room library in the shadow of the water tower. Standing on the narrow sidewalk, I looked up at the water tower and felt certain it was some kind of antenna. There was no Internet back then. There weren’t even personal computers. But here was this building butting up against the world of fire engines and connected to the massive water tower (I saw the wires going over to it.) that looked from below like a hovering flying saucer.
    Books grabbed hold of me. I could take books home and flip through them in bed. I could inhale the library as I fell asleep with a book opened across my chest. I could escape. Illustrated books came first, then the ones that were heavy on words. Reading became a big deal. I could touch a book, feel it, measure its weight, smell it. The town library filled my mind with possibilities and it wasn’t long before I felt maybe I could write a book.

  30. Melinda Hammond Says:

    When the question of why I love the library was posted, I have to say that I got a bit excited. To me, the library is such a valuable resource. It offers a myriad of opportunities for all ages, from Storytime, to special events and groups for kids, teens, and adults. Books might be the main focus for most, but with dvds, computer access, video games, and much more, the library is not just a place to check out the latest novel. Without a doubt, there is something for everyone. Personally, I find the library to be an place full of inspiration for myself (since I was a kid) and my family. My kids enjoy a trip to the library as much as I do. I’m grateful for everything that my local library has to offer. Thanks KDL from a true lover of the library!

  31. Elizabeth Says:

    I love the library because there are millions of books and you can read as many of them as you want to. It is a room full of millions and millions of different, all unique worlds. I love escaping to many of them. There is always something for everyone. I never watch t.v. because I would rather read books, and the library is the perfect place to do it! The whole family can find something exciting to read there. The library has to be my favorite place to go!!

  32. MImi Says:

    I love my library because it always has something good to read and good movies to watch,I also love it because of the librarians their awsome and cool!!

  33. Janelle Says:

    I love our libraries because they are a fun destination to visit. I could be content with just the books but there is so much more – the activities, the helpful librarians, the music, the great reading corners, the racks of magazines so I don’t have to clutter my house with subscriptions, and just today I loved visiting the turtle tank and seeing the view of Reed’s Lake at the EGR branch. Our libraries are warm, comforting, inspiring places to be. When I have friends and family visit from out of town I bring them to our libraries – how many people can say that?!

  34. Jennifer Baker Says:

    as an avid reader, i love the library because it provides me access to a wide variety of books. nonfiction, fiction, books on cd, etc allow me to add fuel to my fire for reading.
    as a college student, the library allows me to study in peace. i also have the resources i need through the various reference books and available internet access at my local branches.
    as a writer, libraries provide me with inspiration to hone my craft. i can sample different styles and find what’s right for me. the resources available aid me in research for time periods and topics of which i’d like to write.
    as a community member, my local libraries provide a place for meetings. i can tutor children who need my service, meet other readers and writers, and take advantage of the wide array of events taking place within the KDL system.
    most importantly, the library is my favorite place to be 🙂 it’s my ‘fortress of solitude.’

  35. Carol Says:

    Because of the library, all of my children have grown up to be readers. Since they were small, we have been at the library at least twice a month, usually weekly. Because of the library they were able to explore hundreds of different books — different authors, subjects, genres. They have each developed their own tastes, but they all love to read.

    When we moved into the area, my oldest daughter rated each house that we looked at by her most important criteria — how close it was to the public library.

    I love my library because it has a life long impact on my family.

  36. Joy Says:

    I love my library because I have made such fun memories visiting there weekly with my daughter. She has a great vocabulary for a 2-year-old, and I believe reading has been the greatest contributing factor for her growth in the past year.

  37. Christina Tazelaar Says:

    I love the variety of resources that are available to me at the library–light reading to serious reading, information and inspiration for projects I’m working on, and the ability to reserve books from other libraries. So handy!

  38. Christina Dirkes Says:

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve gone to the Library. My sisters and I were allowed to choose six books each, and I savored every one that I got.

    Libraries made me excited to read. The mere thought of being able to understand the myriad of books all over the shelves gave me ambition to learn how to read them.

    I spent many a happy hour reading picture books at the Library with my sister. The memories of our visits are very happy.

    In short, I love the Library. It’s ever-present influence on my life has been great, and I’m so glad that my town has a library close by.

  39. Virginia Braley Says:

    Limerick for the Library

    I am an old lady of Kent
    whose eyesight just got up and went.
    but I continue to read
    with EARS giving heed
    to tapes the library has lent.

  40. Wendy Says:

    At the age of 42, I finally discovered the joy of reading and my family has said it’s become an addiction! My youngest enjoys the children’s area, my middle son enjoys access to the computer and my oldest enjoys the Monday chess meetings and being able to volunteer in the summers now that he’s old enough. We take advantage of the summer park parties at John Collins park too. And when we’re over in Cascade for the 4th of July, we take spend, spend, spend at the used book sale! Thank you for so many wonderful things to do!!

  41. Katie Says:

    Most of the time I don’t think about “Why I love my library.” But when I got the message I started to think. I came up with some wonderful reasons. Many times I go to the reference desk to ask for help. Someone is always there when I need help finding a book. The system the library has is very organized. The books that I check out take me places that I have never been before. I also like to check out audiobooks. These are just a few reasons why I love my libaray!

  42. Peg Says:

    When our two children were growing up I was a stay at home mom. The Wyoming Library gave us the opportunity to go on numerous adventures at absolutely no cost!! Now that I am an elementary school media para I often speak with my students about what all our KDL offers us and that it’s still a favorite place for me to visit. We agree that one of the coolest things about our library is all of the various shaped windows they can read their books in.:) My husband and I frequently use your on-line service and would be lost without it. Thank you and keep up the good work!!

  43. Judy Says:

    My love affair with the library began in the fifties when one of the three local bookmobiles, named Hither, Thither, and Yon, would make a weekly visit to the parking lot of our school. That love has grown even stronger in all the years since. The library is a sacred place to me, second only to church. Every visit is a joyful experience and nothing compares to sitting down with a good book. With reading the possibilities are endless, including the tactile pleasure of holding the book and turning the pages. Thank you to all who have fostered the love of libraries and books for myself and so many others.

  44. Padilla, Chloe Says:

    I have a love of all libraries…I am so thankful for the resources they provide me and my three young girls. We visit at least once a week, and I have the opportunity to visit alone weekly as well…taking my time and finding hidden treasures. I always feel a bit sneaky when I leave with a bookbag full of books…do I really get to borrow ALL THESE BOOKS?! I cherish the times that my girls browse through the titles, and my eldest discovers that she can read a special book to her younger sister. I am sure that this is because we have fostered a love of reading in her from the time she was born. The library is my most-used and most-appreciated resource for learning! May we never stop learning!

  45. Ben Utter Says:

    My name is Ben Utter and I am concerned becuase a group of people decided to remove Teen Advisory Board (TAB) from the libraries, (Specificly East Grand Rapids) I would really like to see this comittee return because it provided a place for teens to be a part of their local library it also was helpful for teens to get reccomendations on their college application or a resume. When this group of people decided to take this away it impacted the amount of people that were involved in the library, it also took away great “activities” to put down on college applications, etc. We never spent any money on this program either. Most libraries have their own program room to meet in and we did not buy anthing. It just helped the librarians know what to put in programs and it also provied a more structured form of volunteering at these libraries. I know it would mean a lot to me and many other people to bring these great Teen Advisory Boards back and continue to be an outsanding library system.

    Ben Utter

  46. Beth Says:

    I have been in love with my local library since I was a pre-teen. The library started off as being a place where I could escape from the pressures and drama of my young life and find a book that chase away all those worrisome thoughts, and soon became my home away from home. Located just a few miles away from my home, I was able to go as often as I wanted and I definitley took advantage of that aspect! The atmosphere was just so comfortable and welcoming, I would stay for hours browsing books, movies and music. As the years went by, the library grew as a I did. Additional items that you could check out, such as movies and music, became more and more popular and were an exciting aspect to a teenager with limited resources. Even throughout my college years, whenever I visited home I would always make time to stop at the library and stock up on books to read in between my studies. Books, as you can tell, are a huge part of my life and thanks to my local library, they helped shape me into the adult I am today.

  47. Kathy Heyboer Says:

    My family loves the library for many reasons. I love it for all the books that are available to read and listen to. Also for the ability to get books that are not available at my library and to put book on hold. My son loves it for all the videos and games that are available along with the books. My son and I go to the library almost every other week to check out new items. He also loves to be able to play on the computers that are available to us. Thanks for being there and the people that work there are helpful also.

  48. K. Kooyers Says:

    One used library card. Passport to freedom preserved on archived pages. Opportunity to depart from the stressful demands and strife of life’s daily grind. Destination: Repository of the collective mind. A book and movie lover’s retreat for this eager escape artist. Devotion to the book ~ oxygen in bound format. Travels and experience brought to you by celluloid film stock. Oh, sweet elixir – with one scan of a barcode .. this weary patron is transported at a whim to enter the mind of another…and another…Limitless. Books and movies, waiting to be whisked off their shelves and feverishly consumed, page by page, frame by frame. Only time stands in my way. Lower your voice and raise your imagination. Embark upon your local KDL, vehicle to feed your soul with instruction, entertainment, knowledge and sheer escapism with only one entrance requirement ~ one new, complimentary library card.

  49. K. Kooyers Says:

    One used library card. Passport to freedom preserved on pages. Depart from the stressful demands and strife of life’s daily grind. Destination: Repository for the collective mind, Utopia for this eager escape artist. Devotion to the book ~ oxygen in bound format. Travels brought to you by celluloid film stock. Oh, sweet elixir with one scan of a barcode .. this weary patron is transported to enter the mind of another…and another. Limitless. Books and movies, waiting to be whisked off their shleves and feverishly consumed, page by page, frame by frame. Only time stands in my way. Lower your voice and raise your imagination. Embark upon your local KDL for instruction, inspiration, entertainment … sheer escapism with only one entrance requirement ~ one new, complimentary library card.