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Are you into social networking? Do you have a myspace and facebook account already? And are you also into reading? Well, there are a few social networking websites you might like to hear about!

First, there is This site allows you to catalog your books and tag them. You can add friends, find people with similar book tastes and join book discussions. You can add 200 books for free or pay $10 per year or $25 for a lifetime subscription.

Second, there is Some people prefer goodreads because it is free no matter how many books you catalog. It also allows you to catalog and tag your books as well as add friends and get book recommendations.

Both sites are very similar and allow you to keep track of what you are currently reading, what you would like to read, and what you have read in the past. You can make “bookshelves” to categorize your books with, as well.

Facebook has some book cataloging applications as well. The first one is called “Books” and basically offers a visual listing of your own personal library. The “Visual Bookshelf” application is similar in that it shows the covers of your library on your facebook page. In addition, you can quickly see what your friends are reading (if they have also added the application).  The “Books iRead” application is another option available on facebook. It gives an easy to use rating and review system that is visible on your Profile. Of these three, Visual Bookshelf has the most users at 39,242 active users as of December 11, 2007.

Myspace has some interesting book groups available as well as featured books with reviews.

So, if you are a reader and would like a new way to save your reading lists, have fun with one of these new sites or applications. And, as always if you’d like to find a book in our catalog go to and type what you are looking for into the top right corner search field.

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