Urban Legends and You


Have you ever gotten an email stating that cell phone numbers are going to be given to telemarketers?  Or that Zicam users lose their sense of smell after use?  Or how about emails offering Applebee’s coupons?   Have you passed these emails on to your entire contacts list?  If so, you should be aware of a website called Snopes.com — a site with the tagline: Rumor has it.  Snopes is in the business of debunking rumors — you can look up things that sound too weird/good/scary to be true and find out if they are!  Snopes is organized into many helpful categors like: Computers, Crime, Disney, Legal, Medical, Quotes, Science, Sports and even a Top 25 to make checking these legends easy.  Or, you can use the handy search box to find your rumor before passing it on to your friends and relatives.

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