FREE Digital Access to Magazines

At the beach/airport/Secretary of State office with nothing to read?

Looking to compare products but don’t have time to get to the library?

Want to read the new profile of that sports great that hit the newsstand today?

We now deliver current e-editions of nearly 75 popular magazines directly to you!

KDL is the first library system in Michigan to offer Zinio, an online magazine service that includes publications such as Consumer ReportsESPN The Magazine, Good Housekeeping and US Weekly.

The Zinio platform recreates magazines page-for-page, including full-color pictures and interactive media elements such as audio and video. Magazines can be read not only on a Mac or PC but on a variety of mobile devices using Zinio’s reader apps. Check out our Downloading Instructions page for details.



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Written by Morgan J.

Morgan J.

Morgan J. is a KDL communications assistant. She spends summers as a “hood ornament” of sorts while her husband captains their old, cedar-sided pontoon down the Flat River. In the wintertime she counts the days until she’ll have her toes in the water again.

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8 Responses to “FREE Digital Access to Magazines”

  1. Joseph Says:

    Can we get it on a nook or kindle??

  2. Sheri Says:

    Hi Joseph,

    You can download the Zinio app for the Kindle Fire only. (See instructions here.)

    Because Zinio magazines are in full-color format, they are not compatible with black-and-white Kindles or Nooks. Barnes & Noble also has not made the Zinio app available for their color Nooks and tablets.

    KDL Webmaster

  3. John Says:

    I would love to see some hunting and fishing magazines available. Thanks!!

  4. Sheri Says:

    Hi John,

    Our Zinio service does include “Field & Stream” magazine. If there are other titles you’d like to suggest, please feel free to fill out our Recommend a Purchase form.

    KDL Webmaster

  5. Dave Says:

    This is awesome! I’m always impressed with the library’s service. Thanks for being on top of it.

  6. Morgan Says:

    Dave- We live to serve you. And if you tell three friends about this, and they tell three friends, and those friends tell three friends… well, what a wonderful world this would be!

  7. Kim Says:

    Are only current issues available? Is there a way to view back issues online?

  8. Sheri Says:

    Hi Kim,

    Right now, only current issues are available, but they are working on including back issues as well. Since this is a brand-new service, some features are still in development, so stay tuned!

    KDL Webmaster