Earn an Artist Badge!

Artist Badge

Earn an Artist badge during Summer Reading @ KDL!  As part of the Experience Summer program this year, KDL is asking participants to branch out into new areas of learning and experience. 

There are numerous ways the Artist badge can be earned. You can read a biography of an artist or attend an art-related event at one of our branches.  You can go to a local art museum or visit an art gallery or art exhibit. You can enjoy art programming for families at the Grand Rapids Art Museum during Saturday All Day with the Arts. Present your KDL library card from 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM every Saturday through August to receive $3 admission for each person in your group. (GRAM is also free of charge every Tuesday from 1:00 – 5:00 PM). Finally, you could do some original artwork of your own and show it to any one of our librarians–and as a librarian who has studied and done visual art, I’d really like to see these! You only have to do one of the suggested activities to earn the badge.

Other badges include Animal Lover, Dreamer, Entertainment, Foodie, Multicultural, Nature Lover, Reader, Sports Fan, and Traveler.

Once you’ve earned all ten badges associated with this program, you may print out your “Experience Summer @ KDL” certificate.

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