Teens – Want some tips for the Digital Photo Contest?

Check out a Digital Photography Tips for Teens workshop!

Whether you want to become a digital photography pro or just learn something new about your digital camera, this is a great opportunity!  Workshops will be presented by professional photographer Bruce Doll (one of the contest judges!).  Find the workshop date and location that’s most convenient for you!

Entering the contest is definitely not a requirement of the workshop, but you could learn a few pointers if you do decide to enter!  View more information about the contest by clicking here.

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2 Responses to “Teens – Want some tips for the Digital Photo Contest?”

  1. livluvlafnw Says:

    Hi, i have some questions about the rules of the photo contest. On the entry forms it says that the photo should not be “artificially enhanced” what exactly does that mean? Can it be black and white??? Can it be black and white with some original color in it??? i would like to know what exactly the boundries are. i have some photos on flickr added with the tag kdldpc but i don’t know for sure if they will fit the requirements…

  2. Liz Guarino-KDL Teen Librarian Says:

    Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that we revised the entry form based on your comments. We realized that it was only appropriate to allow digital enhancements of digital photos. So the photos you have posted to flickr are fine.