IPod/IPhone Alert – Saving MP3 Lectures and Audiobook Files as Podcasts

“Why would it matter?” you ask.  Well, if mp3 files are saved as podcasts instead of music in ITunes,  you receive special navigation controls, including bookmarking (or remembering a playback position), jumping back 30 seconds, and varying the speed.  Cool huh?

Thanks to the January 2010 of Mac/Life magazine… here’s the instructions:

“Find the mp3 file(s) in your ITunes Music list, click it to select it, and then press Command-I to see the Get Info window. Click the Options tab and look for a dropdown menu labeled Media Kind–it’ll currently read Music. Now just change it to Podcast, and click the OK button.

That’s all there is to it.

Poof, that track instantly vanishes from your Music list and appears in your Podcasts list. The artist name will be used for the podcast name, and the track’s name becomes the episode title.

Now just sync it to your iPod touch or IPhone.”

The East Grand Rapids branch of Kent District Library subscribes to Mac/Life magazine as of February 2010.

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