Alternative Books for Younger Hunger Games Fans

With The Hunger Games movie to be released on DVD tomorrow, the popularity of the books has continued. KDL has put together a list of books for younger readers who just might not be ready to read The Hunger Games trilogy. These books share characteristics to The Hunger Games but are more suited to a younger reader.

Gregor the Overlander is one of the books on the list and was written by Suzanne Collins before she wrote The Hunger Games. She wrote the series for her own kids to give them a modern urban fairy tale. The main character Gregor actually discovers a hidden world underneath New York City populated with humans and large rats, bats and spiders!

So check out the list of other great books today!


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Written by Beth


Beth is a Librarian at the Gaines Township branch of KDL. She really loves reading, especially all the wonderful teen books, but also enjoys genealogy and crafts!

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