Super Smash Bros. Tournament

The next round in the KDL Wii Tournament Series is taking place at the Cascade Branch on Saturday, April 10 from 12:30pm to 5:00pm.  The tournament, for teens in grades 6-12, is the always exciting Super Smash Bros. Brawl!  So plan to join us for this awesome tournament.



 Here are a few of the guidelines:

  • It will be single player, with most battles consisting of 4 players.
  • The battles will be 3-minute timed battles.
  • There will be a few prelim battles before the top participants are placed in the tournament bracket.
  • Wiimotes and nunchucks will be provided, but if you wish to use a classic remote or Gamecube controller you may bring one with you.
  • Some but not all of the characters and levels have been unlocked on the systems, but if any are unlocked throughout the tournament game play they may be used.
  • Items will be set to random throughout the event.
  • There will of course be prizes for the winner and runner-up as well as refreshments for all.
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    Written by Kip

    Kip is an Adult Librarian at the Grandville branch. He enjoys anything related to graphic novels, soccer and time travel and really wishes there was a graphic novel about playing soccer while time traveling.

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    31 Responses to “Super Smash Bros. Tournament”

    1. Louis Jacobson Says:

      Will there be a tournament at the Wyoming branch soon?

    2. Heather Says:

      Is there an age requirement?

    3. kodell Says:


      Thanks for your questions,

      The plan is for Kentwood and Wyoming to be the next two branches to do video game tournaments for this fall and winter, so watch the blog for more information.

      This tournament is for 6th through 12th graders. Anyone currently in those grades can play and compete!


    4. Lman Says:

      I have never played the game. can I still come.

    5. kodell Says:

      Hi, all teens are welcome to play. There will be players of many skill levels, so it should be fun for everyone!

    6. Lman Says:

      I am twelve but in the grade requirement can I still come

    7. amir Says:

      what are the prizes gonna be?

    8. amir Says:

      also, how many people are expected to show?

    9. kodell Says:


      Since you fit the grade you can absolutely come.

      Hope to see you there!


    10. kodell Says:


      Hi, There are usually 30 to 40 at our tournaments, though we may have more players for this one. The prizes will be Best Buy gift cards for first through third place.

      Thanks for the questions!


    11. bryan Says:

      do you need to sign up somthing

    12. kodell Says:

      There is no need to sign up. Just show up at 12:30 on Saturday at the Cascade Branch ready to play.


    13. Lman Says:

      how much money does it cost to come

    14. amir Says:

      ^ i second this question.

    15. kodell Says:

      Hi everyone —

      The program is completely free. You just need to bring yourselves on Saturday and have a good time.


    16. Linda Says:

      Would love to see this for ages 8 & up. Any plans for that?

    17. Lman Says:

      can you come at lets say 4 or do you have to come at 12.30

    18. kodell Says:


      Registration begins at 12:30pm and then the tourney will begin around 1pm, so you will need to be there near the beginning to get registered and ready to play.

      Thanks for the questions,


    19. Koro Says:

      How will the stages be detirmined? will it be random, or will it be set? Or do the players choose? Another suggestion: you should have a doubles tournament another time. (2 people sign up together, then have 2 on 2 battles)

    20. Heather Says:

      I second the question about about having a program like this for younger grades… my 10yr old was SO excited to see this, then greatly disappointed that he couldn’t participate. Any chance you’ll run this again for younger grades?

    21. kodell Says:


      Thanks for all of the comments. The stages will be random throughout the tourney.


    22. bryan Says:

      do you need to bring your own controller

    23. amir Says:

      some stages can be rather small for four people, and items really throw off the whole balance of the game for a tourney. but that’s just a thought for your next one or whatever.

    24. kodell Says:

      Thanks for your comments Amir, we will consider that. I appreciate ideas that help make things even better.

      Bryan, we will have Wiimotes and numchucks here, so you do not need to bring your own.


    25. Cameron Says:

      I second the notion of absolutely no items. Also having just a plain flat map. such as the Final Destination map, should be used for every match. This enables players to go on skill, instead of being able to manipulate the surroundings to an unfair advantage. If that is what you’re going for though, I’m fine with it.

    26. kodell Says:


      I just wanted to thank everyone for the comments. We had about 40 players yesterday and it was tons of fun! We allowed players in some of the rounds to agree on different rules like no items or certain stages and that went well, so the rules may be tweaked some for the next tournament.

      Thanks again everyone!


    27. Heather Says:

      Just have to thank you for this program. My son attended, played, and had an absolute blast! Really appreciate the work the library and workers/volunteers effected to put this together. THANKS!

    28. Lman Says:

      when is the next one going to be

    29. kodell Says:


      The next Wii Tournament is planned for this fall at the Kentwood Branch. We will post dates, times, etc. when the details are figured out.

      So, stay tuned!


    30. Lucy76 Says:

      Are there any updated events kids may take place in? Also, can you describe exactly what “Super Smash Bros. Brawl!” is please? A few specific details of what is involved would be great.

      What is the cost of the event?

    31. Kip Says:


      We don’t yet have a video game tournament for kids, but thanks for the suggestion. Super Smash Bros. Brawl is a video game for the Wii using characters from many Nintendo games like Mario Brothers in a “battle” against each other.

      The next tournament is at the Cascade Branch Library on Thursday, July 28th at 1pm. There is no cost, but registration is required.

      Thanks so much for your interest,