Thinking About Buying an eReader?

Are you thinking about buying an eReader for yourself, or to give to someone as a gift? Kent District Library offers thousands of eBooks to borrow for Kindles, Nooks, iPads or other eReaders! We also have trained staff at each branch who will be happy to help you think through the pros and cons of various formats, and to help you get started using your device. You can look at a copy of Consumer Reports at your local KDL branch to read reviews of eReaders, or you may access Consumer Reports in our online databases. We also have a helpful chart that compares popular eReaders.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while considering whether or not to buy an eReader:

  • If you want to use your eReader to browse the Internet, store pictures, etc., you might want to consider the color eReaders on this chart. If you simply want to use your eReader for reading books or other print materials, and long battery life and light weight are a priority, you might want to consider the “e-ink” devices on the other side of the chart.
  • Many eReaders require access to a personal (not a library) computer to transfer library eBooks to an eReader with a USB cord. This is true of those that use the Adobe EPUB format (such as a Nook or a Sony), and occasionally for certain Kindle-formated eBooks. KDL offers free wi-fi, so you’re welcome to bring in your laptop computer to check out and transfer eBooks to your eReader.
  • To borrow a library eBook for a Kindle, you’ll need to access your Amazon Kindle account, so either a library or a personal computer is usually needed.
  • eBooks from the library can be read without a dedicated eReader on your personal computer or smartphone using free Adobe Digital Editions software or the free OverDrive app!
  • Your KDL Library Card is needed to check out eBooks for your eReader or computer.

KDL is excited to be able to offer thousands of eBooks and eAudiobooks for you to borrow and enjoy. Our collection is growing every week, so stop in and talk with us if you’re thinking about buying an eReader this year!



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Jan loves books and libraries, and usually visits the local library whenever she travels to a new city. She also loves her Kindle & iPad, and always has something good to read checked out from

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