Early Lit Bits: Learning with Crafts — Walkie-Talkies


Children learn about language by listening to their parents and others talk and joining in the conversation.  As they hear spoken words, children learn how words sound, what words mean and how words can be put together to communicate ideas and information.  Here’s a fun and inexpensive craft you can make at home to help foster communication skills.

  • Small jewelry box with lid
  • Glue (or tape)
  • Aluminum foil (or silver wrapping paper)
  • Markers
  • 2 milk jug lids
  • Drinking straw

To Make:

Glue or tape the lid onto the box. Cover the box with foil and glue or tape it into place. Use a marker to draw dots in a concentric circle pattern to look like a speaker. Glue two milk jug tops to the opposite end of the box to represent buttons or dials. Cover a drinking straw with foil and glue it to the long side of the box for an antenna. Have fun talking back and forth on your pretend walkie-talkies.
Other Ideas:

Make your own cell phone with two pieces of cardboard from your recycling bin. Use duct tape to make a hinge for the phone and help your child draw buttons with numbers on one side of the phone and a screen on the other. Have fun pretending to place calls to your child.



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Sheri is the Kent District Library ILS & Electronic Resources Coordinator. She loves KDL’s eBook collection and her NOOK because they allow her to fit a whole stack of books in her purse to take with her wherever she goes.

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