Win Tickets to Sesame Street Live!

Sesame Street Live is coming to the Van Andel Arena, and we are thrilled to provide you with a chance to win tickets! Get ready to sing and dance with Elmo, Grover, Baby Bear, Cookie Monster, Bert and Ernie. “Can’t Stop Singing” will take place November 16-18. Each of our 18 branches will be giving away a family four pack of ticket vouchers. Five shows will take place over the three days, and winners can choose which show they would like to attend. The lucky winners will also receive an exclusive invitation to a special playdate with Elmo!

Stop by any KDL branch location by October 11 and complete an entry form for your chance to win.

Want to increase your chance of winning tickets? Leave us a comment on this post and share your favorite Sesame Street memory or story. We will randomly select one commenter to win four ticket vouchers!

Good luck to all!


Written by Katie


Katie is a Communications Assistant and helps spread the word about all the amazing things taking place at KDL. She loves her job so much that she returned to it following a four-year stint as a stay-at-home mom!

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100 Responses to “Win Tickets to Sesame Street Live!”

  1. Paula Says:

    I have always loved Ernie. I still have a stuffed Ernie from when I was a toddler

  2. Jennifer Says:

    I remember watching Christmas Eve on Sesame Street every Christmas Eve growing up. So many great lessons!

  3. Kaycee Says:

    I always loved the “Rubber Duckie” song! And my daughter loves it now too. Makes me smile every time it comes on my iPod and she is happy about it!

  4. Lorraine Woodward Says:

    My two godsons absolutely LOVE Roosevelt Franklin. He was a character who was somewhat controversial, but I love hearing them sing along to “I love the skin I’m in”…a great message of self-esteem for them!

  5. Erin Says:

    When my daughter and I watch Sesame Street together, I love sharing memories of my favorite characters with her. It’s so amazing to be able to share that experience with my daughters and reminisce about my childhood at the same time.

  6. Diane Says:

    My 2 children (33 & 30) would not be as successful as they are without Sesame Street. They learned so much in a fun way and it was a great break for mom :-).

  7. Becky Says:

    My boys ages 5 and 2 would love to go to this. My 2 year old is absolutely obssessed with Elmo 🙂

  8. Lieschen Says:

    My boys (5 and 2) love Sesame Street and would love to go to this! Elmo traveled with us all summer as we camped throughout Michigan!

  9. CElz Says:

    I think I would have as much fun at this as my kids… I always said my dream job would be to work on Sesame Street! 🙂

  10. Lori Conran Says:

    We LOVE Elmo around here. My boys think he’s the best. Big Bird was my favorite growing up!

  11. AmandaS Says:

    Visiting Sesame Street Place at the Stong’s Museum of Play in Rochester, NY. It’s a beautiful museum and nice tribute to Sesame Street’s influence on youngsters (including myself and my kiddos).

  12. Angela Douglass Says:

    Our girls are in love with Elmo! When our daughter had tubes put in her ears she would show us on Elmo what hurt.

  13. Rachel Says:

    Grover’s the best! When I was 4, I found a stuffed Grover toy in a cereal box, and I brought that toy with me everywhere. But my niece would definitely love this show at Van Andel, it would make for the ultimate Christmas present.

  14. Sarah S. Says:

    I always loved Big Bird as a kid…didn’t know he was yellow for years until my parents got a color tv. Great show for kids to learn counting & numbers, etc.

  15. Kathy Says:

    I always loved it when Grover came on! Loveable, furry old grover! I loved all his mishaps and his lovable personality:) I still have my stuffed grover “doll”, and my favorite Grover book …..There’s a Monster at the End of this Book!! (not in good shape anymore since I’ve read it and all my 6 kids too 🙂 Good memories……

  16. Joanne Says:

    My friends laugh but I actually learned to speak English by watching Sesame Street! And it’s not only my boys (7 and 5) that love Elmo but my father does too…so cute to see them all laugh so hard when the Elmo doll has his laughing fit!

  17. Diana Says:

    All 4 of my kids watched and loved Sesame Street, and my 5 year old still loves it! As far as educational television for young children, you can’t get much better than Sesame Street!

  18. Lari Dunmire Says:

    My first memory of Sesame Street was the morning of my wedding in July of 1970. My niece joined my sister, the bridesmaids and me as I opened a few more wedding presents while watching Sesame Street. I didn’t know it existed, but 3 yr old Sarah sure did! We all laughed both at the characters and at Sara’s joy in watching. Years later my two girls watched every afternoon. What a gift that program has been to America’s children.

  19. Joy Says:

    My son used to run to hug his stuffed Elmo toy every morning

  20. Sara Mouw Says:

    Elmo is our favorite!! So cute and fun. =)

  21. vickie howe Says:

    Ah… Sesasme Street … So many memories of my now three adult children enjoying and learning from this exceptional program. So cool that I can now interact with my grandchildren when they talk about their favorite characters (instead of not knowing which new program or character they are “into”) and to be able to tell them that their daddies loved Elmo, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grooch, Miss Piggy, and especially Bert and Ernie is so special…

  22. Kiley Radel Says:

    I grew up watching Sesame Street and now it is a favorite of my daughter’s. She loves the songs and it has really helped her learn the alphabet, counting, colors and shapes! It’s our favorite….besides reading together of course!

  23. Lindsay Merrill Says:

    I have vivid memories of going to Sesame Street Live when I was younger- picking up a Grover souvenir and carrying it around for months! I would love to take my little girl to see the show and continue the tradition- she loves Grover too! Sesame Street is definitely one of the great American treasures!

  24. Nicole Church Says:

    Our family would love to attend this event. We have a 9 mo. old who is growing to love Sesame Street and a 5 year old who still enjoys it. S.S. speaks to all of us.

  25. jeff Says:

    My kids still love this show just as much as I did when I was younger! My youngest loves Elmo!

  26. Beth Says:

    I remember my parents taking me to Sesame Street Live shows when I was younger. I can’t wait to introduce my son to these great events and I’m so glad that Grand Rapids is able to host the show!

  27. Ali Says:

    I remember getting a ernie toy on a stick and waving it all around in the air at the show.

  28. Rachel Says:

    Sesame Street was a regular part of my life and my imagination world growing up. I was GREAT friends especially with Big Bird! We’d go on all kinds of adventures together. I was a little nervous around Oscar the Grouch though…My 3 year old is in love with Elmo now,and he has been en essential part of her potty training (Elmo Potty Time). I find myself watching parts of shows with her (and not even minding at times) when my old friends are part of the show. Our family would love to see Elmo and friends LIVE!

  29. Erin Says:

    I loved Big Bird and both of my kids have too! My oldest had a stuffed Big Bird that he called “Maw Moo” before he could really talk. Now, my youngest has taken over the doll because his favorite color is yellow. My husbands grandparents took him to see Sesame Street Live when he was little and our kids LOVE to listen to the story!

  30. Ellen Says:

    I watched Sesame street growing up and now my son watches it to. My fav was big bird his is Elmo.

  31. Kris Says:

    When I was little, Sesame Street taught kids how to sound out words by putting profiles of two close-up faces on the screen with animated syllables or sounds coming out of each mouth. The syllables/sounds would join audibly to form a word. I still think of this when I help my kids sound out words. “S” + “ound” = “Sound” 🙂

  32. jenny Says:

    I remember watching sesame street and then watching with my children. Now i am watching with my nephew and it helps alot with all the sounds. Keep up the good work!

  33. Jessica Poelma Says:

    I still amazed at how much my son loves Elmo. When he was 10 months old, if we had PBS on and Elmo come on the TV he would just stop and stare. At two he still loves Elmo (melmo).

  34. Shelby Herschleb Says:

    I still love Elmo even though I’m almost 16. I have a ton of Elmo t-shirts and even a set of Elmo PJ’s. My little sister and I watch it all the time!

  35. Julie Says:

    I love being able to share something like Sesame Street with my kids knowing that I too was a child fan of the show and characters.

  36. Catrina S Says:

    I remember watching Sesame Street as a kid. I always loved Oscar and how even though he was grouchy he was still a loveable character. My kids love watching the show now also.

  37. Jill Says:

    I love that Sesame Street is just so classic. While they have added some new characters, they still have a lot of the same characters I remember watching as a child. It’s so fun to be able to watch them with my own children!

  38. Matthew S Says:

    Though I have many, many Sesame Street memories from my own childhood, one that is current will stay with me forever — dancing with my three-year-old daughter to “Rock Around the Clock” with our Rock and Roll Ernie doll. I also have DOZENS of pictures of my son and daughter in front of the Muppet painting at the Mr. Burger on 44th Street (my kids call it “The Muppet Place”).

  39. melissa Says:

    By far my favorite Sesame Street memory is when my son Michael who has autism would laugh when Elmo would say something silly on Elmo’s World. We knew he was understanding what was being said. Needless to say, we made sure he never missed it! 🙂 Awesome memory!

  40. Felicia Says:

    My fondest memories are of learning with the animals on there, preferrably Big Bird. He was the greatest. The whole cast of puppets, kids and adults were spectacular. I enjoyed the singing and being able to bee bop and jump around. What a freedom,to be able to just be a kid back then. When I make the time to turn on channel 35 to watch, even as an adult I still get that tingly feeling and sit watching like I never left.


  41. Sara Nowicki Says:

    I still remember ot this day when my parents took me to see Sesame Street Live!! I remember the little Sesame Street flag that I got to wave while I was there 🙂 Oh’ the memories and I would love to share these same memories with my little Twins..who have been watching Sesame Street or years!!

  42. Lisa Says:

    My two boys (4 and 2) would love to go see Sesame Street Live. We took them two years ago when my youngest was a newborn and he slept the entire time!!

  43. Rachelle Says:

    My oldest daughter went to a Sesame Street Live show almost 12 years ago…and now it would be so amazing to have my youngest daughter follow in her footsteps…since she likes to be JUST like her anyway. 🙂

  44. Julie Van Til Says:

    My brother, even as an adult, loves to talk like Elmo. He must have practiced that voice over and over and could pass for him any day! My favorite Sesame Street “product” is “The Monster At The End of This Book”!

  45. Sarah Says:

    I have always loved the music on Sesame Street… all the songs about the letters, numbers, even washing your hands! My children sing those songs today because of their love of Sesame Street and that makes me happy!

  46. Kristen Gearhart Says:

    I had a Sesame Street record set that I would play over and over and over again with my sister. We’d sing along and perform the songs for my friends and family!

  47. pat Says:

    The kids loved Sesame Street and now the grandkids love it.

  48. Matt Says:

    I bought my little brother a tickle-me-Elmo and he absolutely loved it. I had never seen him so happy to open a gift. Sesame Street is his favorite and I love watching it with him.

  49. Krista Says:

    I grew up with Sesame Street and have passed on this love to my daughter. What a fantastic series!

  50. Amy B Says:

    I always loved Bert and Ernie, the way they joke with each other! Growing up you had to have a sense of humor in my family. I think it teaches kids it okay to jokes around and still be good friends! My ten month old loves to laugh at them! and the rest of the Sesame Street gang! I’m so glad Sesame Street has been around for 43 years, good old family traditions you can pass on! Keep them coming!

  51. Ashleigh Says:

    I love Elmo’s world and Murray is always entertaining. I love how Sesame Street was my favorite show and now my children’s.

  52. Janet Says:

    I can remember watching Seseme Street when I was a little girl in the early 70’s and pretending with my friends that we lived on 123 Seseme Street! I love that it has survived and still is educating children all over the world 40 years later!

  53. Nana Says:

    My sons were really into Sesame Street as children, and now their children love it too! One of our granddaughters has been watching from about one year old and now she is 4! She has several of Elmo’s World and various other DVD’s and a lot of Sesame Street plush dolls. She would be in heaven to get a chance to see this show! I think the show really helps children in a visual way to learn in a fun way.

  54. Ginger Says:

    My 11 month old and 2 1/2 year old have just started coloring together side by side in their Sesame Street coloring books. So cute!

  55. SANDY C. Says:

    We love Sesame Street in our house. My 3 daughters all grew up enjoying it and now the grandkids too. Our youngest grandson age 4 just loves it & has watched it on TV & all my older videos. I know he would really enjoy seeing this show & meeting the characters in person.

  56. Bernadette Petersen Says:

    Sesame Street has been great for our children as they make connections in the world around them. Thanks for all the great shows and learning opportunities.

  57. LuAnne Mueller Says:

    Loved taking our 3 kids to Sesame Street Live! Now enjoy watching the thrill on the faces of our grandchildren when they see all of their favorite Sesame Street characters on the stage.

  58. Cathy Hoffman Says:

    Elmo is a favorite of all my grandsons!

  59. Shawn Thome Says:

    I watched Sesame Street with my son and now I watch with his son, my grandson. He ADORES Elmo and has stuffed Elmos in three sizes who he puts to sleep on his pillow each night. I can still sing all the words to the Sesame Street Song.

  60. Crystal Logan-Syrewicze Says:

    My three year old son loves the Count! I had been working on counting with him to no avail, but he learned to count to thirteen from the Count! 😀

  61. Marcia Ager Says:

    Sesame Street was a part of our two sons childhood. They laughed a lot AND learned a lot! Marcia Ager, proud mom of two college grads!

  62. Amy Says:

    Sesame Street was what I grew up on and what my children grew up on. My favorite memory is being so excited and couldn’t wait until it came on. Cookie Monster was my favorite. My 2 older children, 15 & 13, loved Sesame Street and learned a lot from it. They were talking, counting and reading very early, have always been straight A students and I believe a lot of it is from watching Sesame Street. Now my 4 year old is on the same path. Thanks for the help, Sesame Street! 🙂

  63. Jenny Says:

    My son loves dancing with Elmo!

  64. andrea Says:

    i just love the elmo theme song….hahaha….it sure is catchy!

  65. Sara Says:

    I loved learning a little Spanish everyday as a kid!

  66. Laura Says:

    Sesame Street garners the attention of many young minds; including that of my daughter. She absolutely loves singing, counting and rhyming with the Sesame Street Characters! Here’s to La-La-La-La, La-La-La-La Elmos World! 😉

  67. Ann Says:

    My little boy adores the Sesame Street gang! The only thing that we are watch recent episodes on tv or checked out Elmo movies. We appreciate all the Sesame street books, CD’s and movies that KDL offeres!

  68. Deb V Says:

    The first time my daughter (18 months) said “I Love You” was to a giant stuffed Elmo!

  69. Michelle Says:

    Favorite memories of Sesame Street were the guest appearances by Kermit the Frog.

  70. Jennifer A Says:

    My greatest memories of Sesame Street are the counting song (1,2,3,4,5..6,7,8,9,10,11, twe-e-e-e-elve!) and of course Snuffleupagus appearances! 🙂

  71. Cindy Says:

    I have always loved Grover and his silly appearances on Sesame Street. My son loves the Grover book “The Monster at the End of this Book.” He always has lots of belly laughs when Grover is around 🙂

  72. Heide Kemink Says:

    When my daughter was in high school, her homeroom class passed around a petition to bring back the original Sesame Street theme song. It made me laugh that a bunch of tenth graders even cared that it had been updated.

  73. Heather H Says:

    When my son was about 2, the only thing that he wanted to do was watch a DVD of Elmo singing the song “5” …and oh man would he dance…..OVER & OVER & OVER &……. I have never laughed so hard in my laugh as watching a two year old singing and dancing and trying to copy EVERY move Elmo made!!!

  74. michael Says:

    my youngest daughter callista(18 months) is in love with elmo. sesame street has long been a part of my older two’s life as well.

  75. Ellen Price Says:

    I started watching Sesame Street with my son when he was little and now I waatch ir with my grandchildren and enjoy it very much.

  76. Mary Love Says:

    I have 4 children and my last one who is 19months is fascinated with sesame street (elmo).this would be a life time memory if I could take him to the show.

  77. Nicole Beauchamp Says:

    My 2 year old son happened to see an advertisement for Sesame Street Live and wants to go so bad. Unfortunately, money is tight! He would LOVE to go see Elmo!

  78. June Hubbard Says:

    Sesame Street started when our kids were growing. Our son watched it at college for a good laugh. Now the grandkids enjoy it.

  79. Chris Says:

    My daughter is a huge Elmo fan, she is 21/2 years old and she knows all the charters on Seasme street by name. I would love to take her to the show and she would love to go! Thanks for the consideration!

  80. Dawn Says:

    My daughter LOVES Elmo! She is only 16 months but asks to watch “Elmo” everyday <3

  81. Jessica Says:

    My kids (and I) love Sesame Street. I love watching the older episodes and the newest with them and seeing how they teach them new words, and really help with early learning skills. 🙂

  82. Jana Kuiper Says:

    Where I grew up we never got PBS so I have just learned about Sesame Street with my son, and it is so much fun… he learns so very much from Elmo and friends.

  83. Tony Says:

    My daughter would love to see Elmo live!

  84. Ashleigh Johnson Says:

    My triplets would love to see “Melmo”! That is what they call him. My nieces and nephew did too! We all sing along every week day. It is a ritual.

  85. Janel Says:

    i always liked Mr. Snuffleupagus when i was little!

  86. stephanie Scurry Says:

    Ayanna has been watching sesame street since birth and now 5 years later she is still enjoying and learning! Her favoris of course Elmo! But I think she loves his pet Dorothy just as much!

  87. Laura Kellicut Says:

    I watched Sesame Street when I was a little girl and now I get to share it with my daughter. “Elmo” was the first TV character that she ever said the name of and recognized. She is 2-years-old and often repeats phrases from the Elmo’s World DVDs that we have. =)

  88. Natalie Sinquefield Says:

    My kids love the Sesame Street country sing along. Elmo is both of my kids favorites.

  89. donlynn mccormick Says:

    My 2 year old daughter is obsessed with Elmo. Elmo is the only thing she will watch and seeing him live on stage would make her so happy.

  90. Angela Says:

    Our son chooses an Elmo book to read every night before bed. Nothing would make him happier than seeing the little red monster live on stage.

  91. Jill Says:

    My boys love Elmo! They would be in 7th heaven to be able to see him live on stage!

  92. Kara Moon Says:

    Ever since my daughter was born, she is now 19mths, she has LOVED anything to do with Sesame Street. She carries with her ALL THE TIME BigBird, and watched Elmos world. She fed BigBird MashedPotatos one day, and I had to put him in the wash. She sat and cried “BABY” is how she says it….:) the whole wash <3 I would love to buy tickets to go, but money is tight… I would love LOVE to have her see Elmo and all his friends on stage! She would flip!!! It would be a wonderful memory to cherish. I am seriously going to have to buy a back up BigBird to have, just incase something happens to this one, I know its going to be rough! When

  93. Barbara Says:

    My grandson 3yrs old, loves Elmo when we are sitting together and enjoying Sesame Street he says look nanny “he makes this funny face” Rubber Duckie your the one and he sings and dances to that song we just have a good time.

  94. LRF Says:

    I have lost of memories but I think my favorite include my two boys watching Sesame Street on PBS & singing along or doing the motions with some of the characters. I especially love it when we sing the Elmo World theme song:) The favorite character seems to be Elmo so for them to win a play date with him would be fabulous!

  95. Brooke Radebach Says:

    I remember growing up with Sesame street, my favorite memory is when my oldest daughter fell in love with Elmo at a JC Penny’s store and HAD to have the doll. She loved the show, movies, books and all things Elmo! We have the movie Follow that Bird, which she could watch over and over, so we have fun memories with that movie and big bird who is the main character

  96. Judith Says:

    Our grand daughter loves the trains at the Walker Library almost as much as she lovesssssss Sesame Street. When she is allowed to watch TV, she sings and groves to Sesame Street just like her mama did. So many fond memories, what a wonderful world!

  97. Shelby Herschleb Says:

    I watched a documentary on Elmo and his creator, and I fell in love with him. I watch sesame street all the time. Kevin Clash is my Idol. It would mean the world to me to meet him.

  98. Jessica Says:

    I loved learning about not wasting water on Sesame Street. To this day, I think about that segment when I’m brushing my teeth!

  99. Kim Says:

    I have a picture of my son and I with our Elmo slippers on. We are diehard Elmo fans!!

  100. Sheri Says:

    Thanks for your entries, everyone! The randomly-selected winner of the Sesame Street Live ticket vouchers and play date with Elmo is Comment #78 June Hubbard. June — please check your email for instructions on how to claim your tickets.

    KDL Webmaster