Holds Policy Update Effective June 28

Starting June 28
, in an effort to reduce item delivery cost, the Kent District Library, along with other Lakeland Library Cooperative (LLC) members will institute a new policy regarding library holds. Based on this new policy:

1) Non-KDL cardholders (i.e. GRPL, Sparta, Cedar Springs and other LLC libraries) will no longer be able to place holds on non-print items (i.e. DVDs and CDs) owned by KDL, and KDL patrons will no longer be able to place holds on LLC non-print items.  KDL cardholders will still be able to place holds on KDL AV items.

2) New books will not be available for holds by non-KDL cardholders until six months after the book was purchased, and conversely, KDL cardholders will not be able to place holds on new books owned by other LLC libraries. 

3) Holds placed after June 28, 2010 will be available for pick up only at a patron’s home library (the library catalog will no longer have a drop down menu to select pickup location.) For KDL cardholders, their home library will be the KDL branch in the area where they live. KDL cardholders may request staff to change their home library code to another KDL branch if it is more convenient for them.

While we recognize these changes may create an inconvenience for some of our library users, this decision was made in an effort to reduce the costs associated with the transportation and handling of library materials while maintaining many of the services our library users have come to rely on. Last year alone, state aid to LLC was cut by 40%, amounting to approximately $110,000 in lost revenue. 

 If you have any questions regarding this new policy, please contact us at 616-784-2007. You can also add your question to the “comments” section below and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Thank you.

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Note: A follow-up post has been added to the KDL Blog.

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104 Responses to “Holds Policy Update Effective June 28”

  1. Keith Says:

    So since I have a LLC library card issued by Gary Byker library and because I live in Hudsonville, I can no longer reserve CDs or DVDs via the KDL library system?

  2. edehaan (KDL) Says:

    That is correct. Unless you have a KDL library card (with the KDL logo) you cannot place holds using the online catalog on CDs and DVDs owned by KDL. You can, however, still checkout CDs and DVDs by visiting a KDL branch location. Again, this new policy begins on June 28 and all holds place prior to that date will not be affected.

  3. mac Says:

    I live in GR, so I have a GRPL card, but I most often use KDL branches. If I have a second home can I get a second card, issued by KDL?

  4. Amanda Says:

    I’m wondering the same, I have a GRPL card, but always use KDL to check out books and place holds. If I am not able to do this anymore, can I also get a KDL card in addition to my GRPL card?

  5. Dereka Says:

    I have a KDL card. I did not see anything regarding kdl placing or having limitations at Grand Rapids Public Library. Are there any limitations for kdl card holders at grpl? Can I still place holds there? Is this the Grand Rapids Public Library’s doing at all?

  6. jvanderploeg (KDL) Says:

    Hi Mac-

    If you own a home in the Kent District Library service area, you are eligible for a Kent District Library card. The Kent District Library serves most of Kent County, excluding the city of Grand Rapids, Sparta, Cedar Springs and Solon Township. You may contact our Patron Services Department at 616-784-2007 for more details.

  7. Denise Fuller Says:

    I have a GRPL card but always use the Walker Branch because it’s closer to my home. What will happen to the holds I have for new books on order?

  8. edehaan (KDL) Says:

    Dereka, at this time GRPL is not putting holds limitations on GRPL items through their separate Evergreen catalog. KDL cardholders can continue to place holds on GRPL items as they have been. However, as has been the case, you must pick up these items at a GRPL location.

  9. jvanderploeg (KDL) Says:

    Denise, at this time, holds placed will not be cancelled. You will still receive holds that you have placed. After June 28, you will no longer be able to place holds.

  10. Very disappointed Says:

    There are a number of us that live just outside of a KDL branch and through no choice of our own, we must belong to the GRPL and other non KDL systems. Even though we order, pickup, and return books at a local KDL branch, after June 28, we can’t order books until they are 6 months old. HOW is that SAVING COSTS? If the real issue is non KDL patrons using materials along side KDL patrons, then I think you are ignoring a serious opportunity to recoup some of your costs… mainly an annual fee to hold a KDL card for non KDL patrons. (Note -you’ve already started getting comments about buying cards). I and several of my neighbors would be willing pay an annual cost to use the KDL Library and to have full KDL privileges. We realize that it would be most fair because we have no control of which library system receives our tax dollars. Again, it seems as if KDL is overlooking an opportunity of bring additional money into its system… and instead, imposing uncreative limitations that are sure to frustrate many.

  11. Kevin Says:

    My wife and I, like many of the previous comments point out have GRPL cards but rarely if even go to a GRPL library. We are literally 3 houses inside the Grand Rapids boundary and the East GR library is the closest KDL or GRPL library to our house. So, now we have to go out of our way to go to another library? This just doesn’t seem right. We would happily pay an annual fee to have a KDL card so that we could utilize the services of the KDL libraries.

    Furthermore, won’t limiting the sharing of materials between branches simply drive up the individual costs of branches as they will each need to start carrying more materials themselves to meet the needs of their patrons?

    I understand that funding has been cut and that money needs to be saved, but this just doesn’t seem like the most efficient way to handle things.

  12. Jamie Says:

    I completely agree with “Very disappointed”. I live in Reynolds Twp branch area (which has limited hours) but I work next to a KDL branch. I do ALL of my borrowing from the KDL Plainfield branch. I too would be willing to pay an annual fee for a card in order to not have the inconvenience of this. It hardly seems fair to punish residents of poorer communities w/o the resources to buy the materials KDL branches are able to afford. So now I can no longer get a book unless it is 6 months old? Wow. That is really disappointing.

  13. WestieMom Says:

    Each of us has a choice of where we live. And pay taxes. I vote for and cheerfully pay a considerable amount in property taxes each year so that I have full access to a wonderful library system. We in West Michigan are truly unique in the free access to multiple libraries that we have enjoyed in the last 30+ years. It hasn’t always been this good, and with the STATE FUNDING cuts we are facing, it is going to get worse. If we lived in any other part of the state or country, we could not just cross a boundary and use the resources someone else pays for. In the Detroit area, a major library is actually being closed. Yes, I’m really disappointed I’m losing access to a lot of great things, but I’m very pleased KDL has chosen NOT to close branches, reduce hours or lay off staff. Library funding in this state is complicated and with term limits, most of our state legislators don’t understand how libraries work. I suggest if you don’t like these STATE FUNDING CUTS, talk to your state legislators. Library officials, like all public employees, are trying to do their best in very difficult times.

  14. Sarah Says:

    I also agree with Very Disappointed. Give people who live closer to the KDL branches the opportunity to buy a card. Raise some revenue, and stop punishing the people who happen to live in a non-KDL area. If the cost was reasonable, I think those of us who want the holding privileges would buy into it.

  15. Sandra Says:

    Will GR and KDL discuss the option of patrons buying a card? I would be happy to pay $50. a year for the option to GR or Lakeland.
    Do I understand correctly that I may order items after six months? Thank you for keeping us informed.

  16. Bobbi Says:

    I, too, agree w/ Very Disappointed. At least give people the opportunity to purchase/lease a card. Raise some sorely-needed revenue for the library while still maintaining the unique availability of KDL for many of us. It’s seems a win/win. I realize it’s a siplistic solution but surely something along these lines can be worked out.

  17. Teresa Coleman Says:

    I recently had to get a card from Georgetown library after much hassle from them. I know have to go there to get books? I will never set foot in that library after the treatment I received there, plus this library is 20 minutes out of my way to get to, not convenient. KDL libraries are on my way home. Is the library going to pay for gas to get back and forth I don’t think so. Since I had to make four trips to Georgetown before I could get a card, I do not like this policy at all. If I want any holds I will have my daughter get them for me as she lives in Wyoming.

  18. Stacy Says:

    I do live within the KDL library system, but I don’t understand why you are limiting my holds to one pickup location. What difference does it make where I pickup my holds? For example, one branch location may be very convenient during the school year and another is better during the summer. It doesn’t help that different branches have different hours as well. I like to regularly visit three to four different branches and I don’t appreciate KDL dictating to me which ones I can and can’t use. I regularly put holds on books that are on the shelf at one branch or the other and pick it up at that branch saving KDL the transportation costs of delivering it to my “home branch”. Will we at least still be able to do that by phone or will it have to be delivered to my “home branch”? I’m very disappointed by this lack of understanding that we live and work in a larger community than just the one very limited location were our houses happen to be located.

  19. Cant believe it Says:

    So this is KDL and LLC’s decision? Why on earth would they do this. I can think of all kinds of ways to save money and this is not one of them. I’m glad GRPL isn’t “punishing” their patrons, kdl patrons or especially Lakeland patrons! I head about buying a non resident card through grpl, I too would like to know if KDL had something like this. I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH LAKELAND and KDL. I can see soooo many people not even wanting to use libraries anymore just because of this.

  20. Lisa Gribas Says:

    If you want to close the libraries you are well on your way. I used to be in one branch or another at least once per week. Usually it was not my home branch. This, coupled with the inter-loan hold bans instituted in March, has curtailed both my library visits and my borrowing. Eventually the library system will be of little use to me and that is very sad because I have loved libraries as a sanctuary to get peace and quiet and learn new things since childhood. I guess this is simply another sad sign of our times, along with people requiring constant over stimulation. Perhaps i am simply an outdated antique, but I don’t think so.

  21. Lisa Gribas Says:

    Very sad decision. I have loved libraries as good places to get knowledge, peace and quiet since childhood. I guess this is a sad sign of our times where everyone puts more emphasis on electronic over stimulation than on anything else. Maybe i am just an outdated iconoclast but I hope not 🙁

  22. Spidey-Man Says:

    You know, I live in Cedar Springs so I’m cut out of KDL’s materials too, but I don’t blame KDL or Lakeland. The blame lies squarely on Governor Granholm’s shoulders! She promised to cut library funding way back when she was the state’s Attorney General, and now that she has the power to do so, she’s cutting library funding left-and-right. If you don’t like this new policy, call up the Governor and tell her to restore KDL’s and Lakeland’s funding. After all it’s our money. It should be spent the way we want! You can call her office at (517)373-3400.

  23. SweetPea Says:

    I have to agree with WestieMom on this.. Although it’s sad to see these services go, we’ve all been very fortunate to use the services of libraries out of our districts, basically for free, for quite a long time. If you are upset by this, please take the time to contact our state representatives and tell them to stop cutting state funds to libraries. I found some info on the Michigan Library Association website. If you scroll down a bit it shows the representatives and you can get contact info from there.


  24. edehaan (KDL) Says:

    Hi all,

    While we work to sufficiently address these valid concerns, I would like to clarify one point that was initially miscommunicated. Under the new policy, GRPL cardholders will not be able place holds on KDL materials as a result of our separate catalog systems. KDL and other LLC library cardholders can, however, place holds on GRPL items through their catalog and pick up from a GRPL location; as has been the case since they moved to their new catalog system.

  25. Robert_H Says:

    No holds for any GRPL cardholders? Thanks, GRPL for that outstanding decision to switch to Evergreen. Now I’m back to using your crappy branches, with their crappy hours, utilizing your crappy website, instead of the two KDL branches that are convenient to my work and house.

    Count my family as another vote for paid non-resident KDL cardholder priviledges. Lakeland’s $110K funding loss could be erased with only 2200 non-resident cards sold at $50 each.

  26. Billy J Says:

    Thanks GRPL?? I was upset with GRPLor switching to a whole different system at first but after talking with GRPLstaff members I realized it was a good thing. Evergreen might not be userfriendly yet or patrons who arent very computer savy but it does help GRPL save tons of money. With themsaving money by switching to a new severly less expensive system they avoid having to cut back onstuf like LL and KDL are doing right now. So I agree. “Thanks, GRPLfor that outstanding decision to switch to evergreen.”

  27. Amanda Says:

    So, with a GRPL card, I’m not able to use KDL at all w/ this new system? Wow, that sucks.

  28. Nick Says:

    GRPL did put the first nail in the proverbial coffin by switching to Evergreen. By removing themselves from the shared catalog, they stopped sharing materials, putting a huge strain on KDL and LLC. Many GRPL patrons also started using solely KDL branches, meaning that with less money, KDL has higher demands on their resources. I am a GRPL patron and I have NEVER set foot into those sub-par libraries since I was issued my card.

    According to this article:


    GRPL is “saving” $18,000 a year by switching software. To put that in perspective, GRPL pays a 20 hour a week shelver about $18,000 a year; less than what KDL spends on a month’s worth of new DVD purchases; $18,000 is the annual phone bill. While every little bit helps, I would suspect that the GRPL’s supposed “savings” of $18,000 is really being paid by KDL serving a large percentage of GRPL’s patrons without getting anything in return from GRPL. KDL is cutting management, programming–what is GRPL cutting or even contributing to this library crisis?

    I’m just glad that even though I can’t hold anything, I can still use KDL branches. Please do not cut us out entirely!

  29. Cant believe it Says:

    I think this link explains evergreen(its a bit old) and how much GRPL Which in so not 18,000 a year. More like 87,000 the first year. FYI, GRPL calls their “shelvers” “pages.”

  30. SummerAlyssa Says:

    edehaan – Will KDL continue to use the Michicard Program?

    GRPL residents – when I lived in city limits a couple years ago, they still participated in the Michicard Program. You have to fill out a form and get a sticker for your library card, but once in, you can take your card to any participating Michigan library to check out books. (And the vast majority of libraries participate.)

    Everyone – most local universities allow residents to use their libraries, so you have access to a greater selection of materials that way. You can get a card from them (you have to show your driver’s license, a copy of your local library card, and fill out some paperwork) and continue to use inter-library loan through MelCat.

    Suck it up, people. Michigan is broke. I tend to think politicians are the last folks who value libraries, so why is anyone surprised? If KDL can cut services that don’t close libraries, that’s being pretty damn creative. (Though I do think charging for non-resident cards is a good idea.)

    It’s your turn to take it upon yourself, get creative, and go the extra step or two it takes to keep having access to FREE MATERIALS! Sheesh.

  31. Morgan (KDL) Says:

    Amanda, GRPL patrons will still be able to visit KDL libraries and check out items. However, GRPL patrons will not be able to place or pick up holds at KDL locations.

  32. katie Says:

    Well, as a taxpayer who pays to support KDL, I’m pretty happy! I’ll get new stuff sooner. It is crummy that there is no longer much of a “cooperative”, but if people are unhappy with their library’s hours, selection, or staff, they should complain to their library system’s director – and vote yes on the next library millage.

  33. Deafwriter Says:

    I’m a GRPL cardholder (though I HATE it and only use KDL branches). How does a non-KDL cardholder determine their “home branch,” where they can pick up their holds? I only use one particular KDL library branch for pick-ups. Can I use this as my “home branch,” and, if so, how do I get that in the system?

  34. Toby (KDL) Says:

    “Home Branch” is determined by where you live and pay taxes. There is currently no system in place to get a card outside of your tax area. If you live in a GRPL area, that is your home library. You CAN visit KDL libraries and check things out! But you won’t be able to request the delivery of DVDs and CDs outside of your tax area. If your home branch is a system (GRPL has 8 branches, KDL has 18), you can choose a home branch from one of the branches where your taxes go.

  35. Morgan (KDL) Says:

    Deafwriter, since you are a GRPL patron, you will no longer be able to pick up holds at KDL locations. However, you will still be able to check out items by visiting any of our locations.

  36. Lynne Says:

    I’m happy to see such passion involving the libraries. As a KDL patron, I still enjoy going to other Lakeland libraries. I would be very happy to pay an annual fee to use their libraries. I encourage KDL to promote this idea to LLC. I understand the budget cuts, but keep the communication open with Lakeland so they will consider cooperating again someday. Thanks to KDL staff for keeping us informed.

  37. Barb KDL Says:

    Toby, I hold a KDL card issued at the Plainfield branch, however my address is on the outer reaches of Howard City rural delivery. My tax area is Newaygo County and serves the Sand Lake library branch…..now that is a real mess. Then, to reduce travel expenses all my holds are routed to Fremont as my husband drives right by the library every day and is able to make a timely pickup and delivery.
    It may be that Michigan is short funded, however the web site just highlights how recent grants were spent on in-house readig computers. This is another way to pass on the expenses to residents, and continue to expand programs in other areas…..AKA spread the wealth.

  38. Upsetting... Says:

    I am disappointed beyond words. I am a Georgetown Library cardholder but left over a year ago because of many ridiculous charges, books not being checked in correctly, fines on cds/dvd that all worked properly when returned but I was informed that we destroyed them. I was never able to address the woman who handled this either- she let the poor librarians handle it. I am not the only family that left because of these made-up charges either. I don’t trust Georgetown so we’ve been very happy with Grandville over the past year. We are a homeschooling family and use the library weekly and place many holds. This is very upsetting- the fact that we basically have to go back to Georgetown is very disheartening. I will be contacting my state representative’s over this.

  39. Joel Schultze Says:

    Maybe someone from KDL could comment on the cost to fund the inter-library loan program. I’ve been a member of a KDL library commission and I know the cost is substantial. While we have all enjoyed the privilege and ease of using our computers to request books from across the state for pickup at our local library, this is a fairly recent service that everyone has quickly become used to. Because of state budget cuts, there has been discussions from tweaking the system to outright ending the loan program because of the lack of money to fund it. Through much hard work by KDL staff, they have been able to tweak the program- keeping books at the library where they were transferred to until next hold request, consolidating delivery runs, etc. in order to keep the program running. I think all library patrons should be grateful this program is still intact in any form. Keep up the great work KDL!

  40. Hopeful for a solution Says:

    So GRPL card holders absolutely cannot place holds. I’m curious… how many years have GRPL & KDL cardholders had interchangeable access to all materials?

    I live in Kent County and I can’t belong to KDL library system because my property is on the wrong side of the GR – Walker line. And my neighbors on the opposite side of the street can have full rights and access to KDL. Wow!

    Please, please, please consider an annual fee option for GRPL and other non KDL cardholders.
    It seems that a number of the aforementioned problems could be resolved if a non KDL user could go to a KDL branch and choose to pay an annual fee which would entitle them to a KDL card. Home base could then be the chosen local KDL branch. This option would give KDL additional income along with the overdue fines and book sale dollars that are also generated.

  41. Al Says:

    I would like the Kdl fund to presently stop asking me asking for anymore donations. I’ve given them tons of donations and and now I can’t hold new books for 6 months…wow, that’s thanks. I’m a llc card holder and will now give all money and book donations to my “home ” branch.

  42. Colleen (KDL) Says:

    Hopeful – though GRPL patrons are unable to place holds on any KDL items, you ARE still able to go to our branches and check out materials freely.

    Al – when it comes to holding new books, it works the same way for KDL user. KDL card holders will bnot be able to put holds on LLC new books for 6 months just as LLC users will not be able to for KDL new books.

  43. edehaan (KDL) Says:

    A follow-up post has been added to the KDL Blog addressing some of your concerns. It also features a link to a guide that we hope will help you determine how the policy will affect you. Please continue to provide feedback. Thank you.

  44. Karen Says:

    I agree with Teresa Coleman. Georgetown library has the worst service and rudest employees. Haven’t been there for years. I really enjoy the friendliness of the Grandville library. Very disappointing to realize I will have to go back there again.

  45. kp Says:

    now what are we supposed
    to do since we wont be able
    to order cds and dvds anymore
    some of us like to listen to them
    and now we wont be able to anymore
    its a shame to take the fun out of listening
    to a book we really like
    and wont be able to order anymore
    because of this policy

  46. kp Says:

    now what are we supposed to do
    youve taken away the one thing
    i really enjoyed and now i cant
    order anything because of this policy
    i dont know what im going to do now
    since i cant check out anymore cds and playaways
    what have i done to desreve this i might as well stop
    reading and listening cant take out anymore books
    its a darn shame when you cant do something you really
    enjoy because they take it away from you now what are me and my mom
    supposed to do now seeing we cant check out anymore of your books
    or cds or playaways explaine that one to me cause i would like to know?

  47. kp Says:

    why are you picking on us

  48. Mary Beth Sanders Says:

    I live in GR but have used the EGR library for years because it is so beautiful, has convenient parking (except for sports days), and the clerks/librarians are so helpful and friendly. I have LOVED the ability to order a book from anywhere in the system and have it brought to EGR for pickup. PLEASE consider letting out-of-towners pay an annual fee – it sounds as if there are MANY people who will do that – could someone figure out what it costs to continue the present ordering policy and how many out-of-towners use it? Then split it among us and let us pay!

  49. Robyn Says:

    I would also be willing to buy a KDL card. GRPL never buys any good fiction books. I would move out of GR if I could afford it. I an very sad about not being able to put new books on hold. This is not a money saving issue, but a punishment to non-KDl membors. I will no longer be donating books to your sales and I have given and bought alot over the years.

  50. Pam Says:

    I am disappointed with the “home” library being the only place to allow pickups. I do not understand how this saves money. I use a couple of branches that are nearby and split my holds because of the different hours. Does this also mean I cannot return items to any KDL library?

    Another fine mess our government has gotten us into. No wonder “Johnny” can’t read!

  51. Reader Says:

    Am I reading this correctly? GRPL card holders can not order books from KDL until they are 6 months old and can never order AV materials, but, KDL card holders can order from GRPL and can choose a pick up site?
    I have nothing major against the GRPL system, but the KDL branch is closer to my home and GRPL does not seem to order some of the newer books that interest me. I feel like the issue here is turf, not service and that saddens me.

  52. Another Reader Says:

    Remember, if you ARE a KDL card holder and don’t like your home library or it is more convenient to you to pick up from another KDL Branch, it does say that you can request to have your home branch changed in the system.

    So if your “home” branch is Grandville, but you work and stop by the East Grand Rapids library more though, you can simply request to have your home branch changed to East Grand Rapids so as a KDL cardholder, you can pick up your holds then at East Grand Rapids.

  53. Susan Says:

    What happens to the books that are now on my hold list at KDL? And I agree with others that have suggested a fee to use a KDL library. I would be willing to do that as well. The GRPL Evergreen system is horrible and not user friendly at all. After every search I get a blank page that says “done” but I have to go back to the previous page and try over and over again until I finally get a new page. It has not improved one iota since I stopped using it shortly after it was implemented. Another question I have is do GR residents also pay taxes for Kent County?

  54. Anita Says:

    This policy is the same as the policy for the library system I worked at – Georgia Pines – in Georgia. It’s a good way to help out with library finances. The libraries materials aren’t free, they have to be purchased with whatever funds are available. We are all cutting back on spending, at least the system isn’t announcing any closures. We should all be grateful for how much we are able to get from our libraries.

  55. Anita Says:

    Susan – I don’t think Kent District Library System is part of Kent County. I don’t believe they rely on funding from taxes.

  56. Diane C @ KDL Says:

    Susan and Anita–

    Grand Rapids city residents DO pay taxes to operate the County of Kent. However, the Kent District Library broke away from the county in 1995 after voter approval and now we are our own taxing authority (similar to schools). KDL relies on property taxes from 26 govermental units to support the library. Those taxes make up 87% of the total budget. The communities within the county that do not support KDL include the City of Grand Rapids, Cedar Springs, Sparta and Solon Townships. They have chosen to have their own libraries.

    An interesting calculator for the value of libraries can be found at:

  57. nannyineast Says:

    I’m very dissapointed with the latest news regarding holds. I live in GR and work for a famiy in EGR. Because I am take the kids to the East Library on a regular basis, I have my transfers picked up there. This saves me two trips.

  58. CeeCee Says:

    All these cuts & changes are a disappointment to everyone, and I can see everyone’s point. But please, please, be thankful for what we still have.

    I moved to Wyoming two years ago from the Ann Arbor area, and one of the most impressive things to me about this area is the LIBRARIES. Even with the changes in the hold policies, the KDL/GRPL/LLC is still way beyond any library system in any community I’ve ever lived in.

    Please be thankful for what you still have, and support these library systems even though some of the convenience is going to be taken away. You still have far beyond what a lot of communities have!

  59. Tracey Westphal Says:

    I will miss being able to place holds on DVD’s for my homeschooled children and also feel “bummed” about being forced to pick up holds at Georgetown (and no new titles!) Sighhh…. Guess this means we won’t be getting drive-thru windows for holds anytime soon.

    We will still use the library lots, and hopefully will not see any more cuts to the system, but I, and many families, would be willing to pay a fee for a KDL card to have access. (Plus, I always vote for the library, I love the library.)

  60. Brick Tamlin Says:


  61. Dale Says:

    Dare we bring up the topic of merger?

  62. Diane C @ KDL Says:

    A merger between KDL and Grand Rapids PL is a great idea and would save taxpayers money across the board and offer more consistent services. A merger was attempted in the 1980’s but the first and biggest obstacle is to change the Grand Rapids city charter. Now that consolidated government is popular again, maybe our taxpayers and government officials will reconsider.
    Good question!

  63. Diane C @ KDL Says:

    Forgot to add: my suggestion above of a merger being a good idea is my personal opinion and may not represent the official opinion of the KDL Board of Trustees or of the library administration.

  64. Renee Says:

    Can someone please explain how the residents of Tallmadge Township will be affected as of July 1? My family uses the Grandville and Walker KDL branches constantly. A librarian in Allendale today told me that we would have to get new cards as of July 1 and would most likely not be allowed to check anything out or use the computers, etc., at any KDL branches after next week. My kids attend Grandville schools and want to take AR tests during the summer – something that the Allendale library does not offer. Also, their selection of materials is so very limited that I am afraid that my kids will no longer want to read over the summer. Will those of us living in Tallmadge be able to go directly to a KDL branch and check materials out or use the computers at all? Thank you for your reply.

  65. Angie Says:

    Just curious: Does KDL currently offer a fee based non-resident card? I think that GRPL used to….

  66. edehaan (KDL) Says:

    Angie, KDL does not currently offer non-resident cards. Please see this post for more information.

  67. jvanderploeg (KDL) Says:

    As of July 1, Tallmadge Township residents will need to get a new card at the Allendale Library. The new card will allow Tallmadge residents to check out materials that are on the shelf and use computers at Kent District Library branches.

  68. Pam2 Says:

    I am totally in agreement with the folks that don’t see any benefit to this. How does only being able to pick items up at a “home” library save? It would seem there would be a duplication of costs for each library would have to have at least one copy of everything. I, too, would be willing to pay a reasonable annual fee for a KDL card.

  69. Adam Says:

    Wait, I am confused. I understand the cost cutting behind this, but I want to clarify. My street address is considered a Lowell address, but when my card was issued it had to come from Saranac. I belive it is a LLC card. I have never been to the Saranac Library because the KDL Englhardt is very nice, with a helpful staff. So, my question is, with these new rules, I will not be able to place a hold for CD’s and DVD’s? If that is the case, can I get a KDL card since I am legally a Lowell resident? I am with everyone else, offer a fee to get a KDL card!

  70. Diane C @ KDL Says:

    Your library card is issued by Saranac because you live in Ionia County and you pay property taxes to a city/township in Ionia County. Lowell is your *mailing* address, not where you vote or pay taxes. Saranac is your home library that you pay for and we hope you will communicate your requests for CDs and DVDs to them. Saranac will also be the library where you can pick up your holds. However, you are still welcome to visit KDL Lowell Branch and check out materials from the shelves.

  71. BETH BOOTHE Says:


  72. Morgan (KDL) Says:

    Beth, you will get a pop-up message that says “No items requestable.”

  73. Mack Says:

    You know, after reading all of these comments it’s pretty obvious why this policy had to go into place, all of you people have been using KDL without paying a dime. And now that KDL has reached the limit of it’s money you have the gall to complain. Personally, I’m glad to see this policy. It’ll send all the freeloaders back to their crummy libraries and let me use the library that I pay for.

  74. LessTaxesNotMore Says:

    The state is all but bankrupt, a cut in state aide was needed. The entitlement mentality of, “I want what you have, even though I don’t pay for it” is a large part of what’s wrong with this country.

    The fact is, you can still walk into these locations and borrow materials. You may not get them delivered to you like you want, but little has been taken away. Yes, you may have to wait until others have lost interest in the material, but perhaps you’ll find a new author or discover some older works in the process.

    There is so much misinformation and misunderstanding here. Please educate yourselves with the facts: where you live, what your taxes pay for, and even how much of your taxes are captured by local entities skimming for pet projects… Then vote accordingly.

  75. Karen M Says:


    I take real offense to your comments.

    First of all, there are a lot of “freeloaders” as you call them. All of us are freeloaders. The small part of our taxes that we pay that goes to the library in no way covers the costs of the materials that we may check out. In other words, most of us could not afford to buy all the books, CDS, DVD’s or magazines that we borrow from the library.

    We, in this area, of West Michigan have been lucky to borrow materials from three different library systems without any extra costs. Each of us pays taxes for just our particular library systems. GRPL and Lakeland members could borrow from each other and KDL without paying a dime. KDL members can borrow materials from GRPL and Lakeland without paying a dime; that would include you a KDL member. You do not pay taxes to GR or to the Lakeland counties but you could borrow materials from each of these systems. This namecalling is ridiculous!!!!

    Second of all, there are NO “crummy” libraries!!!!!!!!!! Each library branch serves people in a specific area. I have visited not just one but many of the libraries in the area including GRPL and KDL. If you bothered to visit different libraries before calling them “crummy,” you would find that each branch has its own niche with each library having unique offerings and programs. Each library has devoted volunteers and committed employees who put their time and effort into making visiting the library a positive experience for all of us.

    I think you have a lot of gall making the kind of comments that you have made on this board. Our library systems are doing the best that they can during these tough economic times; they are making decisions that help branches stay open and that allow us access to an enormous amount of materials. If you are not interested in being a positive voice, KEEP YOUR NASTY COMMENTS TO YOURSELF!!!!!

  76. Sheila M Says:

    For what it’s worth, my feedback and a question.

    I get the cost-savings attempt of limiting hold pick-ups to a “home” library and appreciate KDL’s attempt at flexibilty by allowing a home library to be changed.

    I’m a Kent Cty resident so the out-of-county issue does not affect me, but after reading this thread, I realize it affects many and support the annual fee (non-optional) and, better yet, the idea of a merger of KDL/GRPL. I would leave it to better heads to weigh the cost benefits of annual fees against transportation savings.

    My question regards funding. I live in Kentwood and am a heavy user of that library. How do local millages figure into the overal funding picture? A year ago last Aug the City of Kentwood passed (or “snuck” by) an $8 MILLION millage with only 20% of the voters voting (it WAS Aug!) just before the economic meltdown. That ain’t no free library!

  77. friend of the library Says:

    The millage that was passed by Kentwood voters in 2008 will pay for the construction of the new library and the ongoing operation of that facility. KDL pays for the library service — staff, programs, materials. Funds that are collected from the millage for buildings cannot, by law, go to KDL to pay for materials or delivery service.

  78. Karen Taylor Says:

    Maybe it would help matters if you went back to charging $1.00 per to rent DVD’s, etc., which is such a small amount, but it would bring in some money to the libraries – just a thought…
    $50.00 for a library card seems like an awful lot for people that don’t use their cards that often.
    I hope this new policy doesn’t last very long and we get back to the old way of doing business soon – thanks!

  79. Tyler Says:

    I find it fascinating that there has not been a response to the questions about how fixing the home location is a cost-saving measure.

    There are several questions to which we taxpayers are entitled to have answered, and this is as good a forum as any other.

    First, answer the question about fixing the home location. How is that a cost-savings measure?

    Second, how exactly would requiring a fee for out of district patrons INCREASE overhead? Presumably the fee would cover that overhead. That’s what fees do.

    Third, why not charge a fee for ALL members? I realize that as taxpayers we already pay for these services, but I for one would be willing to pay a fee if I knew that I could keep these services.

    Fourth, why not come out BEFORE these decisions are already made and allow people to step up? If there is a $110,000 shortfall (as was claimed earlier), why not ask for donations to make up the difference. Focused donation efforts work much more effectively than general and passive “Please help our Library” statements. Look at National Public Radio (NPR) and Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) as an example. They offer a free service (without advertising), but have aggressive, SPECIFIC AND TARGETED donation drives at least once a year to fund their efforts. Learn from the examples of others.

    All of the comments similar to “be happy with what we have left” are misguided and dangerous. We should never be satisfied or content when tax funded services are cut. It is a slippery slope. As every cut becomes “necessary”, there will always be those who will claim that it is for the better and that we should be thankful for what we have left. I for one don’t buy in to that mentality. If we want the greatest library system in the country (and up until recently we have been very close), then we should be willing to see it done ourselves, instead of waiting for tohers to step up and do it.

    Maybe it’s not so much a problem with our politicians as it is with KDL administration. They are the ones who decide how the money is allocated, and they are the ones making the sopecific decisions that impact the taxpayers.

  80. Adam Kimble Says:

    If I were to pick up a DVD or a book at my home library and the DVD or book is from another library would I have to return it to the library that it is originally from?

  81. edehaan Says:

    Adam, the return policy will remain the same. Items checked out from a KDL branch can be returned to any of KDL’s 18 branch locations, however, items checked out from a KDL branch and returned at a non-KDL library (Grand Rapids Public Library locations, Sparta, Cedar Springs, and libraries outside of Kent County)may incur late fees as the items won’t be checked in until received by the owning library. So, just to be safe, you will always want to return materials to the owning library (or library system).

    I hope that helps!

  82. Barbara Ford Says:

    With the changes, I am finding that it would be helpful to have a tab in the locations list of the classic catalog search so that we could search “all KDL libraries”? Is that something that the website people could add?

  83. GRPLworker Says:

    I want to state a few clarifications. Library cards are based on where you pay taxes. If you live in Grand Rapids, you are a Grand Rapids patron and therefore get a GRPL card. If you live just outside of Grand Rapids (East Grand Rapids, Comstock Park, Wyoming etc.) you are a KDL patron and will receive a KDL card. All other surrounding areas are LLC patrons. Also, Grand Rapids did move to Evergreen for budget reasons, just as KDL and LLC are making these current changes because of cuts. LLC is most directly affected by State cuts, but the delivery trucks that travel between KDL and LLC affect both. Delivery is one of the greatest costs, which is why there are such limits on holds and returning borrowed items. This is not to punish anyone or to make anyone’s life more difficult. We are all suffering from a struggling economy and have to make the best decisions we can to keep jobs and save libraries. If you feel that you have a better solution please feel free to make it known to the directors of these three systems.

  84. Laura Says:

    Today I will drive to my favorite KDL branch to return books, and I’m sure I’ll check out more because they have such a great selection. Then I’ll drive to my “home” GRPL library to pick up a book on hold – a branch I wore I’d never visit again due to being constantly charged fines for damaged material that was damaged before we checked it out. And the wait time to receive books put on hold is going to be much longer, due to the very limited number of copies of books at GRPL. I’m so disappointed that this had to happen.

    Count my family in as being more than willing to pay a fee to use a KDL branch as my home library.

  85. GRPLworker Says:

    Another note for worried GRPL and KDL patrons. I’m not sure if any of you are aware of the MELCAT (Michigan Electronic Library Catalog) but if there are items that you cannot get at KDL or GRPL branches you have the option to go to any Grand Rapids branch and order almost anything through this system (and you may pick it up at whichever GR branch is most convenient to you. This Catalog gets items from all over the state including the University of Michigan and Michigan State libraries.

  86. edehaan(KDL) Says:

    Thank you for pointing that out, GRPLworker. MELCAT is an option for KDL, GRPL, and a number of Lakeland Library member cardholders (although not all). As noted, these items can be delivered to your home library. A link to MELCAT is available from both the LakeNet and Evergreen catalogs. Here is the direct URL: http://elibrary.mel.org/

    I hope that helps!

  87. Jessica Says:

    This really sucks!! I live in GR and grpl does not have a good selection of anything. Kdl has a bigger and better selection. Also, grpl does not have video games. Mel cat is okay for hard to find items, but I cannot get new items. I also agree with the “paying a fee for kdl” thing. I would do that.

  88. Ticked off Says:

    I’m not going to read all 87 comments above as I have better things to do with my time but I have read many.
    This whole thing is ridiculous when I’m paying a huge mileage increase for the new KDL Wyoming Branch. I live closest to Grandville and have been picking up items there. I still am paying the Wyoming taxes. We should be able to pick up the items where we want considering they aren’t more than 5 or 10 miles apart. Do I have to change my “home library”? Is it possible to even do so? What if I lose my library card? This amounts to more politics and I don’t see how stopping all services like this is helping the library’s cause. If anything it’s pissing people off so they won’t pay more. I voted for the library in Wyoming to be built which has cost me a lot I’m sure. Now I have to drive an extra 5 miles each way just to get those items I put on hold??? How about my money goes to the Grandville library now instead.

  89. Steffy Says:

    I cannot express how disappointed I am with this change. Anyone know how we would go about beginning to change the City of Grand Rapids charter so that all of these libraries could become one (as attempted in the 80’s)? I have always felt it was foolish to have two separate systems within the same county (KDL and GRPL). What to do?

  90. jvanderploeg (KDL) Says:

    Hi Ticked Off,
    Because you pay property taxes in Wyoming, your property taxes support Kent District Library, which includes the Grandville Branch. If you would like to pick up holds at the Grandville branch instead of Wyoming, just give us a call at 784-2007 or stop into one of the KDL branches and we can change your home library.

  91. edehaan (KDL) Says:

    A suggestion was made (thank you, Barbara) to allow the option to search “all KDL libraries” in the online catalog. This is a great idea. We will certainly make that proposal to the Lakeland Cooperative as the change would have to be implemented on their end. Stay tuned!

  92. Steffy Says:

    I imagine at some point us GRPL cardholders will be either limited to the number of checkouts or completely excluded from using the KDL. Anyone care to let us know when that is scheduled to happen?

  93. Dale Says:

    Why not charge $1 again for DVD/Game and .50 for CDs? OR .50 per item per transfer to a location? Why were the fees removed a few years ago?

  94. Cheryl Garrison (KDL) Says:

    KDL removed fees for AV materials for several reasons. First, KDL cardholders already pay for the purchase of these items through their taxes and it didn’t seem fair for them to pay a rental fee on top of that. Second, fees are a barrier to library use and Kent District Library wished to make all items available to people regardless of their economic situation. Third, to single out a certain format for fees is unfair. DVDs, books on CD, CDs etc. are now mainstream items in public libraries today and to charge of fee for usage no longer makes sense in today’s multimedia world. And finally, a very practical reason is that 90% of all items checked out are done by the public at self-check machines and our machines are not yet able to handle fee-based transactions.

    One final point, if we did go back to charging fees, the revenue would come to the Kent District Library and not to the Lakeland Library Cooperative. Since the whole issue of not loaning AV is in response to the Lakeland budget woes, this solution would not address the problem. For those of you that are Grand Rapids cardholders or cardholders at other non-KDL libraries and are unhappy about not being able to place holds on KDL’s non-print and new books, PLEASE contact your local library. They want to know how to serve you best.
    Cheryl Garrison
    Interim Director

  95. Brian Says:

    I’d like to request that KDL branches begin adding Blu-ray movies to its collection. Previously, the Spring Lake library Blu-ray movies had been available and the purchase request was not necessary.

  96. Melissa (KDL) Says:

    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for the suggestion about purchasing Blu-ray movies. We will evaluate adding them to our collection.

    Melissa DeWild
    KDL Collection Development Manager

  97. Ken Says:

    I’m confused by several things, could someone please explain how the Lakeland Library Cooperative is funded? If I read the posts correctly 87% of KDL support is from property taxes, correct? I’m sure it is costly to transport materials but there also must be a savings from having to by less copies, no?

  98. katie Says:

    You can already limit to “all KDL libraries” on the classic catalog. Under “Classic Keyword Search” on the first search page, the default is “all locations”, but the dropdown menu has “Kent District Lib (all branches)” as a choice.

  99. Chad Says:

    Hi, not sure what I can do here. I live in Tallmadge Township, and hold an Allendale card. Apparently if I renew there, I will be subject to all sorts of new restrictions. Are Tallmadge Township residents allowed to hold a KDL-Walker card?

  100. Chad Says:

    Oop, I now see that my question was asked at 64 and answered at 67. Still, to clarify: even though Walker is by far the most heavily used library by Tallmadge residents ( http://www.allendalelibrary.org/Microsoft%20Word%20-%20Tallmadge%20Information.pdf ), we have no way to get a card issued from there?

  101. edehaan (KDL) Says:

    Unfortunately, KDL does not offer non-resident cards at this time.

  102. Sarah Says:

    This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard!!! I am willing to pay money just to use the library. Thanks for the inconvenience.

  103. Joe of GR Says:

    I am a HUGE James Bond novel fan and use KDL EGR. They only have about seven out of more than twenty of the books on the shelf. How am I supposed to experience the joy of reading my favorite series if I can no longer place holds on them?? Why can’t KDL and GRPL libraries get along? Why can’t they all have one system? Why must they inconvenience so many book-loving eastern GR residents? This is becoming an increasingly frustrating and petty problem that is creating obstacles for so many residents who live just outside of “KDL Territory”.

  104. Cheryl Garrison (KDL) Says:

    Grand Rapids Public Library decided to go to the Evergreen system as it made financial sense for them to do so. KDL is staying with Millennium for now because it offers many essential functions that Evergreen has not yet developed. Yes, this does cause problems with holds for Grand Rapids patrons as the Millennium system does not “recognize” GRPL as a holds pick up location. Yes, picking up holds at your home library is inconvenient for non-KDL customers who live on the border of KDL. You can place holds on your favorite books and pick them up at your local GRPL library, which you support through your property taxes. And you can still walk in and use KDL branches and check out items. If you are unhappy with the situation, please contact them or post your concerns on the GRPL blog.