Mac Geek Tips for iPads

Since Apple recently sold 1 million iPads, I think it is time for another Mac Geek blog.  There are a number of blogs and sites that can give you tips on using your newly purchased iPad.  Let’s start with’s 10 Essential iPad tips.  There are a variety of tips from a soft reset option to muting quickly. offers 55 tips.  One of my favorites is the .com key option.  Hold down the key and a few more common options pop up, like .edu or .org.

The (love that name!) may be the only site you need to bookmark. They boast to having the complete tips with more to be added as they found articles.  There is a tip on typing faster by double clicking the space bar, which will add a period and a space.

Want a closer look at what goes on behind the screen? offers a step-by-step shot of opening the iPad.

Share in the comments your favorite tip for the iPad!

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