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If you haven’t checked out the great art downtown, now’s the time! While the art display only runs through October 7, there are some great books and movies at your local KDL branch that will keep you inspired all year round. To start you off, here are some of my favorite art entries this year paired with the books or movies they reminded me of as I walked downtown. Click on the art entry’s name to view a picture of it!

Both Richard Morse’s “Stick-to-it-ive-ness: Unwavering pertinancy; perseverance” and Jessica Bohus’s “Running on Air” reminded me of  The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater. This wonderfully lyrical novel tells the intertwining story of nineteen-year-old Sean Kendrick and Puck Connolly. Sean is the returning champion of the Scorpio Races, an annual event on the island where daring young men catch and race the dangerous water horses. Puck Connolly, the only girl competitor in the history of the Races, needs the money a win would bring to save her home and keep her family together; Sean needs the money to make a life for himself. Along the way, they find they share a love for the island, a love for the water horses, and a love for each other. The novel was awarded a Printz Honor Award in 2012, and film rights have been purchased for a movie release in 2015.

Andrew J. Woodstock’s “Tuskeegee Airman” and Richard Mitchell’s “Grandpa Morgan Tuskeegee Airman” fit perfectly with the recent movie Red Tails, which dramatizes the struggle and courage of the African American air pilots during World War II. Mitchell’s grandfather was part of the unit.

Adonna Khare’s “Elephants” is a must-see work and is my favorite this year. Her work reminded me of the artwork of Arthur Rackham, who illustrated Grimm’s Fairy Tales among others. Look for the funny fish with two legs, then go check out Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. See if you can find the fish footman in Through the Looking Glass!



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