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Nature Collections

All kinds of wonderful natural items fall to the ground in the autumn. It’s a great time of year to start a nature collection. Teach your child the names of trees and talk about the colors of the leaves you find on the ground. Talk about the texture and color of rocks, seed pods and other items you might find.

You can tape the items onto construction paper or index cards and label them with words, or you can store the items in an old box. If you do not want to take natural objects home, take photographs of what you find on your walks and create a photograph collection instead.


  • Empty tissue or shoe box
  • Natural objects collected on walks
  • Tape
  • Paper
  • Crayons

Other Ideas for Fall:
Place a leaf under a piece of paper and run a crayon over the top of the paper to do a leaf rubbing. Check out a tree identification guide from the library to help you correctly identify leaves and seed pods you find on your nature walks. Take a photograph of a tree in your yard. Continue to take one photograph of the tree every week during the months of September and October. Print off all of the pictures and talk about how the tree changes each week.



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