Early Lit Bits: Book Review — “Time (out) for Monsters!”

Time (out) for Monsters! by Jean Reidy

When his time out corner needs a little sprucing up, one little boy’s imagination takes over. With the help of a few crayons, time out becomes a lot less lonely and a lot more colorful. Cleaning his new artwork off the wall has never been so fun!

This book would be a perfect read-aloud for a group, with bright illustrations and few words. Children can see with one pointed finger and one pouty face that time out is imminent. There is even a fun fold-out page for when the art creation becomes too large for a single page.

Talk with your child about how he feels when punished and what he thinks will happen to the character in the story. What would happen if you drew on the walls? You could even create some monster artwork together, but on paper, of course! Coloring and drawing are both great ways to get your child ready to write.



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