Attn: Tallmadge Twp. Residents

You may have become aware of the fact that Kent District Library no longer serves Tallmadge Township residents. We hope that this situation is resolved in the near future. We want to take this opportunity to explain the situation and let you know what options are available.

Recently, the Lakeland Library Cooperative (LLC) adopted a policy requiring townships to pay at least .3 mil on local taxable value to use the shared library catalog and delivery system. If a township does not reach this level of support, contracting libraries will issue a “Contract Service Area” (CSA) library card good only at the contracting library. Tallmadge Township contracts with the Allendale Public Library for library services. Tallmadge Twp. does not currently meet the .3 mil requirement as set by the new policy; therefore, all residents who desire library service must visit the Allendale Twp. Library to receive a CSA card.

Kent District Library does not honor CSA cards. In agreement with the Lakeland Library Cooperative, KDL understands the need to be fair to those residents who pay considerably more than .3 mil for library service (for example, KDL residents pay .88 mils).  By honoring CSA cards, there would be little incentive for Tallmadge Twp. residents to vote to increase payment for library services.

Fortunately, Tallmadge Twp. residents will have the opportunity to vote on an increased library funding proposal on their township’s November ballot. If this ballot proposal passes, the township’s library payments will meet the minimum requirement, thereby again providing you with access to any library within LLC, including all KDL branches.  Please note: KDL receives no financial support from Tallmadge Twp. residents and will not even if the ballot measure passes. All library funding from the Township goes directly to the Allendale Twp. Library.  

For over 30 years, West Michigan residents have enjoyed the ability to use any library in the Cooperative regardless of which library their tax dollars support. Unfortunately, the Cooperative has lost over half a million dollars in State Aid last year and expects more cuts in this year’s budget. These cuts have made it critical that we allocate resources to those that fund our services.

Thank you,

Cheryl Garrison
KDL Interim Director

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Written by Cheryl Garrison

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One Response to “Attn: Tallmadge Twp. Residents”

  1. Nancy Says:

    Thanks for clarifying. I hope our fellow Tallmadge residents will vote to approve the milleage.