WHO Visits 18 KDL Branches?

Who are you likely to encounter at a KDL branch?

Regardless of which branch you visit, you may encounter Keith, father of Xander and Josephine; because they have visited all 18 KDL branches!

“My kids love libraries,” Keith said. “Visiting all of the branches gave us the opportunity to experience parts of and people in Kent County that we wouldn’t normally encounter.” Xander and Jospehine’s favorite part of their trek was visiting the different KDLville play spaces, spending hours alternating between reading and playing.

While they live in Kentwood, Keith and the kids have a soft spot in their hearts for the Sand Lake / Nelson Township branch. They got a kick out of visiting what looked to them like a library in a big barn. “As I walked through the stacks, I half expected to see a chicken poking her head around the side of a book,” Keith said.

Each branch has its own identity, but Keith says he feel at home in every one of them. “The soaring ceiling of the Caledonia branch lends itself to a few deep breaths, and I had the sense that I was encouraged to open my arms wide to all the books of the library,” he said. “While other branches make me want to settle into a bench or a chair and cozy up to a single book until it was done.”

While you might not feel the need to visit all 18 KDL branches, Keith encourages you to visit at least one that’s new to you.  There’s an art gallery, water wall and café at the Wyoming branch. The East Grand Rapids branch boasts a gorgeous view of Reeds Lake. You can use the binoculars located at the viewing deck at the Kentwood branch to watch planes take off and land.

The KDL branches are all part of the same library family, but each brings something special and unique to the community they serve.


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Written by Heidi


Heidi Nagel is KDL’s Communications Manager. She is an equal opportunity librarian — loving both cats and dogs with equal fervor.

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