Book Shuffle

Exciting things are happening at KDL! (Exciting in a librarian sort-of way.) We’ve dumped the Dewey decimal system (hooray!) and switched to a more common sense approach. Instead of scribbling down some secret number from the catalog, you can just walk to your area of interest. It’s easy. Check out this video below from our Kentwood branch to see how:

Why the change? We hope it makes looking for a book easier and more enjoyable. Also, you might find other books in your subject area that catch your eye.

For example, let’s just say you’re pregnant. (Congrats, by the way.) You want a baby name book. Where do you go? You’re about to be a parent, so let’s try Parenting. Makes sense. You follow the alphabet. . .  and you’re there. You grab some baby name books. Oh, look at these. Books about pregnancy. Take a few of those. On the same shelf are books about parenting infants. It all flows together.  Browsing is easy. You find what you’re looking for and discover new things too. Happy browsing!



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