Get the Big Picture! (Book, That Is)

Be sure to check out KDL’s selection of “coffee table” books. Just right for a cold weather day, these take you so many places while you stay warm.

In particular, Michigan photographer Todd Reed’s pictorial works are published from Ludington and highlight Michigan’s nature, lighthouses and wildlife scenes. Look for Lake Michigan: Point to Point; or Ludington: Point to Point; or Ludington State Park: Queen of the North; and certainly 365: A Year in the Photographic Lives of Todd and Brad Reed.

Birds’ nests and eggs in winter?  Why not, with Joy Kiser’s America’s Other Audubon, a collection of hand drawn lithographs showing the intricate patterns of nests and eggs of the birds of Ohio in the mid 1800s.

For home architecture, there’s Julius Shulman: Chicago Mid-Century Modernism.

And if it’s military weapons you like, see DK’s Smithsonian collection of Military History: The Definitive Visual Guide to the Objects of Warfare.

Finally, with microbreweries becoming popular, don’t miss The World Atlas of Beers: The Essential Guide to the Beers of the World. Enjoy in warmth and comfort!


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