One Book, One County title revealed

The 2008 One Book, One County selection was revealed on Saturday, January 19 at the Ethnic Heritage Festival at the Grand Rapids Public Museum. The book that everyone in Kent County will be reading is A Free Life by Ha Jin.

Borrow your copy today at any of KDL’s 18 branches, and check the Events page for One Book, One County book discussions and events.

You can meet Ha Jin on April 1 at 7:00 p.m. at the Fountain Street Church, 24 Fountain Street NE in Grand Rapids.

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3 Responses to “One Book, One County title revealed”

  1. Ruth W. Says:

    I was disappointed to find that the One Book, One County title this spring is only available in hardcover. I understand it is a new book, but no copies are available, so to participate, I would have to pay $19 to purchase. That’s why I’m a library-card holder: so I don’t have to buy books and can buy water and food instead, however, all three things are required for living!

  2. Patrice Vrona - Manager Grandville Branch Says:

    While you may not have found a copy on the shelf at your local library, you can always put a copy on hold. There are over 400 copies of this book available throughout the cooperative and 128 holds right now. That means you would get a copy very soon. I also noticed several “Express” copies in area libraries. Maybe one of those is near your home. Give us a call – perhaps we can help you!

  3. Becky Ten Hoor Says:

    I was disappointed that the One Book, One County this year there is no Large Print copy. I have eye problem. As English is my second language, I understand better reading by myself than listening to Books on Tapes. I take part in the Let it Snow Reading Club. I have found a lot of Large Print books and enjoyed a wonderful time reading. But I am not able to read this book. I feel left out.