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Series are a lot of fun to read because it solves the problem of what to read next.  The hard part is knowing what order to read the books AND when a new one is going to be released.  I just found out about a website that not only gives series lists, but will also help you keep track of what book you need to read next, including unreleased books.  The website is called FictFact.

To use FictFact, you will need to create a free account.  Then you can start adding the series that you have read, are reading or want to read.  After you have added a series, you can mark which books you have already read.  When you go to your main page, the website will show which book needs to be read next for each series followed.  Click on the Next Book link on the upper right side and you can also print out a list to take to the library!

Although I am dedicated Goodreads user, this website should help keep me up-to-date on the series I love!

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Written by Beth


Beth is a Librarian at the Gaines Township branch of KDL. She really loves reading, especially all the wonderful teen books, but also enjoys genealogy and crafts!

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