Minecrafting at the Library

minecraftGet your Minecraft fix and show off your world-building skills during a creative building competition. Please bring a personal laptop if possible. Newbies are welcome to use the library’s Minecraft license during these events. Pre-registration is required and space is limited. For teens and adults. This is a Guys Read-Approved event!

Saturday, March 9, 2:00 PM – Kentwood (Richard L. Root) branch
Saturday, March 16, 11:00 AM – East Grand Rapids branch
Tuesday, April 2, 2:00 PM – Cascade Township branch (for all ages)
Thursday, April 4, 1:00 PM – Englehardt branch
Thursday, May 16, 3:30 PM – East Grand Rapids branch
Saturday, May 18, 10:00 AM – Krause Memorial branch

* image: taringa.net

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Written by Morgan J.

Morgan J.

Morgan J. is a KDL communications assistant. She spends summers as a “hood ornament” of sorts while her husband captains their old, cedar-sided pontoon down the Flat River. In the wintertime she counts the days until she’ll have her toes in the water again.

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57 Responses to “Minecrafting at the Library”

  1. Dommer Laric Says:

    What’s the server address.

  2. Kelaine Mish Says:

    Hi Dommer, Great Question!!
    I’m the facilitor for the Minecraft library program. We will be using a private server for the library programs. It will be available during the program time. If you would like to participate from home, please contact the library on the day of the program and the server address will be given to you. The library number is 616-784-2007. Hopefully you will be able to attend at the library though, because some of the fun of this program is to meet up in person with other people who love Minecraft! Please don’t hesitate to jump in with questions or suggestions to make this a fun time @ your library!!!

    Kelaine Mish – East GRand Rapids branch librarian

  3. Zach Jones Says:

    I have 2 questions will world for modded minecraft pack liek the Feed the beast pack be accepted and will mods for easyer building be availble like world edit and the voxel sniper be avalible to use?

  4. Kelaine Mish Says:

    Hi Zack,
    We will be using vanilla minecraft. We’ll have goals set for you also.
    Does that give you better clarification?

    Kelaine @ East Grand Rapids branch

  5. Kelaine Mish Says:

    *Hi Zach,

    Kelaine @ East Grand Rapids branch

  6. Derek Johnson Says:

    Is there going to be teams or is it going to be pvp?

  7. Derek Johnson Says:

    Person vs person

  8. Trent Cooper Says:

    How will the world be set up? Will each player have plots of land to work with? Superflat? Is there gonna be a theme to the builds?

  9. Kelaine Mish Says:

    Hi Derek and Trent: More great questions.

    Ok, you are going to have a theme to build and the world will reflect what you need for the theme. You will start with some of the materials you need. You can work as teams or pvp, totally up to you.

    Kelaine @ East Grand Rapids branch

  10. Bob Says:

    If we don’t own minecraft, will it be on the librarie’s computers for us to use?

  11. Kelaine Mish Says:

    Hi Bob,

    KDL purchased licenses to use for people who don’t own minecraft. The computers at whichever branch event you attend will allow for a quick installation of the game, and you will be able to log on with the username we provide (if you don’t have one of your own). In the near future, we are hoping to also have these library owned logins available for use at every branch, to play whenever you are in the library.

    Kelaine Mish @ EGR branch

  12. Kelaine Mish Says:

    Correction to my PVP vs Teams answer:

    We decided to go with just teams for this first round of play. In the future, based on feedback from the players, we might change that to PVP, but for now, it will be team play.

    Looking forward to the first event at the Kentwood library this Saturday, March 9 at 2pm. If you haven’t registered yet, there’s still a few openings. Also, space if filling up fast at EGR branch for their program Saturday March 16 at 11am.

    Join in and be a part of the first Minecraft programs at KDL!!!!

    Kelaine @ EGR branch

  13. Alicia Says:

    So, is this event is just for teens and adults (13 & ^)?

  14. Kelaine Mish Says:

    Hi Alicia, this event is marketed to teens and adults – 6th grade and up, younger kids are welcome too although should be accompanied by an adult or older sibling. If you are concerned about this, check with a librarian at the branch you plan on attending. Since this is our first time promoting Minecraft programs, we are still trying to see which ages are most interested in attending the programs. In the future we may limit to specific ages, but this time around, we are more open to all.

    Any comments as to whether to have limited age groupings??

    Kelaine @ Egr branch

  15. Alicia Says:

    Thank you for your reply. Although, we won’t be able to make it to the scheduled event at our branch, I was curious because it is my upper elementary aged kids’favorite game.

  16. mackie Says:

    hi all,
    my user name legostar5wars
    is the event at the Byron branch
    you all will go down in pvp
    the best server is nxpvp.the ip is
    have fun

  17. mackie Says:

    hi all,
    you all will go down!!!

  18. Kelaine Mish Says:

    Hi Mackie,

    Glad to see your enthusiasm 😀
    We are not offering the program at the Byron Center branch this spring, but I will let the librarians know you are interested in having one there.
    Engelhardt is our Lowell location; Krause is in Rockford.

    Kelaine @ EGR branch

  19. Chris Says:

    My son is in 5th and would be very interested in it, but we are at the Byron Branch.

  20. Maliq Says:

    Will this be at the Kdl libaray on Micheal St?

  21. Luke Maksymetz Says:

    Can’t wait, And can we have pvp contests to? Also if you don’t have an arena i would be proud to make one 😀

  22. That one guy Says:

    How will the teams be set up? Is it going to be random or can people just make up their own teams?

  23. mackie Says:

    i would love to make pvp arena with luke maksymetz:)

  24. mackie Says:

    is there going to be pvp

  25. mackie Says:

    Allso can i and luke maksymetz make mob arena and hunger games maps.
    Thanks mackie

  26. mackie Says:

    Luke maksymetz i would like to be your parner 🙂

  27. mackie Says:

    my user name has been hacked and I can not logon

  28. mackie Says:

    my user name has been fixed 🙂 🙂

  29. Suzpep Says:

    We’d love to come, both my kids are really into minecraft (pre-teens) but the two events near us (Englehart and Cascade) are during spring break. Hope you do them again soon!

  30. mackie Says:

    all the things I would like to make is mob arena : hunger games : and pvp arena thanks,

  31. Kelaine Mish Says:

    Sorry I’m late responding to Mackie and Luke’s questions.

    Which library branch program are you planning on going to? Each library is running the program a little differently depending on the interests of the players at the program. I recommend talking with the librarian running the program at the branch you are going to and giving them suggestions of what you would like to do. Your ideas for arenas and more involved pvp would really be useful during our summer club at EGR. I hope you can make some of those dates (search gaming in our http://www.kdl.org/events page)

    Kelaine @ EGR

  32. Kelaine Mish Says:


    Sorry, the Wyoming library is not a location for the program, but they do have a couple user names that will allow you to play while in the library. Ask the Wyoming librarians for login information. Soon all the KDL branches will have one or two licenses to allow you to play on our library computers. Stay tuned and I will post here when that is available. They will be first come first serve to use them.

    Kelaine @EGR

  33. mackie Says:

    i’m going to the cascade branch

  34. mackie Says:

    I hope soon the Minecrafting event will be in the Byron branch 🙁 🙁

  35. mackie Says:

    Today is the day for the event at CAS :-):-):-):-):-):-):-);-);-):-):-);-)

  36. mackie Says:

    the event at CAS was awesome !!!!!!!! i loved it :-):-):-)

  37. mackie Says:

    can my 8 year old sister play at the EGR branch on may 16 ??
    thanks mac

  38. mackie Says:

    a good sever is mc hg. the ip is mc-hg.org

  39. Kelaine Mish Says:


    Our event at EGR on May 16th is really for ages 10+ Your sister is welcome to come to the minecrafting club meetings we are having at EGR this summer though 🙂 Glad you had a good time at the Cascade program.

    I’m interested in finding out more about your ideas for building arenas. Also Luke M. Could you both email me at kmish@kdl.org so we can discuss more?

    Kelaine @ EGR

  40. collin Says:

    hi can i compete on thur, may 16 at 3:30, wiat what about school.

  41. collin Says:


  42. collin Says:

    also can i do it with my friend?

  43. mackie Says:

    i could team up with collin maybe ?

  44. mackie Says:

    3 days to the event at EGR 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  45. mackie Says:

    2 days to the event at EGR 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  46. mackie Says:

    1 day to the event at EGR 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  47. mackie Says:

    7 hours to the event at EGR 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  48. mackie Says:

    nxpvp is down 🙁 I will keep you all updated when the sever is up
    the website is http://nxpvp.enjin.com/

  49. mackie Says:

    the event at EGR was awesome !!!!!!!! i loved it 🙂 🙂 🙂

  50. mackie Says:

    can you op me ( legostar5wars ) so I can make pvp arena and hunger games maps. also can you give me the ip of the sever 🙂 ??
    I will be on the sever on sat.18.13 at 8:00 A.M

  51. Jill Says:

    Do you think the Wyoming branch will have a minecraft program anytime soon?

  52. mackie Says:

    I’m just reposting. Sorry, the Wyoming library is not a location for the program, but they do have a couple user names that will allow you to play while in the library. Ask the Wyoming librarians for login information. Soon all the KDL branches will have one or two licenses to allow you to play on our library computers. Stay tuned and I will post here when that is available. They will be first come first serve to use them.

  53. mackie Says:

    comment 32 to be more precise

  54. Kelaine Says:

    Talk to the librarians at Wyoming about your interest in having a program there. We are hoping to have more clubs at our library branches in the near future.

  55. Kelaine Says:

    The server we played on at EGR last Thursday is skycode.e-g.cc

  56. mackie Says:


  57. mackie Says:

    can you op me ( legostar5wars ) so I can make pvp arena and hunger games maps. I will be on the sever on Saturdays at 8:00 A.M. is there a website for the sever ?