Have you made a New Year’s resloution to get fit, but have already lost interest?

Well then, I have a great work out to share with you! The Biggest Loser Workout Season 2 is available from KDL now, and it is AWESOME!

This workout features trainers from the TV Biggest Loser series, Bob and Amy, and allows a person to customize their own workout. With this DVD you will have the choice to do strength training, high and low cardio workouts, as well as customized men and women workouts. It is so easy to use, and a great workout. Check it out now and get moving!! 

To go along with the workout DVD, the KDL libraries also have The Biggest Loser Cookbook, calorie counters, and The Biggest Loser Weight loss program. Be sure to check these, and other great cooking and fitness books out soon so you can make your New Year’s resolution a reality this year!

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Written by Deb


Deb is a Library Assistant at the KDL Alto branch. She is an avid athlete, enjoys the outdoors, and spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys the advantage of eBooks on her iPhone because it allows her to read and bike at the same time.

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