Sing the Cold Away

 As the cold and flu season lingers on, it might be worthwhile to just start singing!

A study that began in 2009 concluded that singing can create a positive effect on people’s health. The study found that singing can improve lung capacity, improve mood, reduce stress, influence the immune system and create a positive perception in socializing. With that in mind, it might be worthwhile to look at KDL’s Freegal database — where you can download three titles a week — and begin singing along with your favorite artists. You can also watch target=”_blank”>YouTube videos that can create smiles and laughter with the smallest of voices!

Another action to “just feel good” would be to share singing with others. As the month of March has been labeled “Sing to your Child Month,” any type of silly songs would be sure to amuse youngsters.  With a variety of silly CDs available, singing in March could really blow the blues away! And if you think you might need extra coaching, try some new reading material, such as “The Music Instinct.”

With the benefits of laughing, making noise, interacting with the young and enjoying the whispers of spring air, singing can really hit the right notes with you!



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Written by Deb


Deb is a Library Assistant at the KDL Alto branch. She is an avid athlete, enjoys the outdoors, and spending time with her family and friends. She also enjoys the advantage of eBooks on her iPhone because it allows her to read and bike at the same time.

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