Wii Tourney at Kentwood Branch!

Join us Saturday, October 16, from 11:00AM to 4:00PM for another round of KDL’s game tournament series featuring Mario Kart.  This time you will have to pit your racing skills against opponents from all over Kent County to see who will be crowned the Mario Kart Champion.  There will be snacks, prizes, and lots of Mario Kart.  Open to teens in grades 6 through 12. Pre-registration is encouraged.

The tournament will be hosted in the Community Room of the brand new Kentwood Branch Library at  4950 Breton SE.  Click here for directions or call the Kentwood Branch for more information.

For those of you wanting more details, here are a few.  If you have more questions, leave a comment and we will answer you.

  • Some but not all characters, courses, or vehicles have been unlocked.  However, if they are unlocked during the course of the tournament you may use them.
  • It will be a single player tournament, with 4 people playing during each race, with the exception of the final two rounds, which will just have two people playing.
  • Everyone will compete in a few preliminary rounds to narrow down the field to a 28-man Tournament.  The scores from the prelims will be recorded and that will determine which 28 participants advance. From there it will be single elimination races, with two of the four players advancing each round until we narrow it down to the end.
  • The amount of preliminary rounds and the amount of races in each round will be dependent on time and the amount of challengers who show, but it will likely be 2 or 3 in both cases.
  • All controller schemes will be allowed.  We will provide Wii Remotes, Nunchucks, and some Wheels; if you wish to use a classic controller or GameCube controller, or be guaranteed a wheel for each race you must bring your own.


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Written by Greg


Greg is a teen parapro at the Kentwood (Richard L. Root) Branch. He enjoys the many wonderful programs at Kent District Library and the smiles they provide. Greg’s happy places include nature, Detroit Tiger baseball, and anywhere there is live music.

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7 Responses to “Wii Tourney at Kentwood Branch!”

  1. total war fan Says:

    so what will the prizes be

  2. Josh (KDL) Says:

    The prizes will be gift cards, most likely for Game Stop.

  3. Greg (KDL) Says:

    Josh is correct, Game Stop gift cards for the top four.
    Here is the the breakdown…
    1st Place-$50
    2nd Place-$25
    3rd Place-$15
    4th Place-$10

  4. Louis Says:

    When will there be a Wii Tourny at the Wyoming Branch?

  5. Josh (KDL) Says:


    Wyoming will be hosting another gaming tournament on January 29, at 11:00 am. Keep an eye on the website in the coming months for more info.

  6. Louis J. Says:

    OK, thank you Josh. I volunteer in the summer, and I wanted to help out with a gaming tourney at the Wyoming KDL Branch.

  7. Peter D. Says:

    Thank you Josh for the helpful post