Early Lit Bits: Book Review — “Grumpy Goat”

Grumpy GoatGrumpy Goat by Brett Helquist

How does it feel to be grumpy? The other animals at Sunny Acres Farm want to befriend Goat, but he does everything he can to push them away. Only a yellow dandelion in the field can turn Goat’s mood around, showing him that there is always something sunny blooming on the farm.

This book’s rich illustrations bring the farm to life and also depict the mood changes in Goat. Talk with your child about being grumpy. Acknowledge that everyone feels grumpy sometimes, and ask what Goat could do to let the animals know how he’s feeling. Look at pictures of faces in other books or magazines, and talk about ways faces can show feelings. Visit a flower shop or greenhouse together and pick some flowers for a neighbor or friend. Talking with your child helps build vocabulary skills and is a great way to get ready to read!



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