There’s a YouTube Video for That?

Have you ever wanted a quick overview of a topic? Are you cramming for a big test? Check out the Crash Course Channel on YouTube. Started in 2012, the channel is hosted by brothers John and Hank Green, who present educational videos on a variety of different subjects. John covers history and literature, while Hank tackles science. Each episode lasts 7-15 minutes, and the content presented is clever, fast-paced and entertaining while acting as a supplement to subjects covered in many high school and college courses. The channel has over 100 videos and more are being added.

Here’s one of the channel’s more popular videos, which discusses the agricultural revolution:


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Written by Adam


Adam is a librarian at Kent District Library’s Kentwood Branch.

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One Response to “There’s a YouTube Video for That?”

  1. Beth Says:

    I love these videos and everything else Hank & John do together!